Advertising : An Effective And Efficiency Advertisement Essay

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First of all, introducing products to public in order to be able to sell them is not an easy job. Advertising products to costumers needs a careful and detail thought, where we have to plan every single aspect to maximize the result and reduce ineffective advertisements. According to Kotler & Amstrong (2016, p474) states promoting is the nonpersonal presentation of information, which is normally paid for and typically convincing in nature about products, services or ideas by distinguished patrons through the different media. In addition, advertising has three essential objectives, such as informative, which is usually used for introducing a new product, or for an updated or relaunched a specific product. Next, advertising also can influences people decision or called persuasive advertising, which is mainly to persuade customers to move to buy their products and create a stronger customer loyalty. Last, a remainder advertisement, which is used for maintaining the customer relationship and encouraging people to remember the product anytime (Boundless, 2006). Yet, an effective and efficiency advertisement is when people can receive the message that marketers want to deliver. There are plenty medias for a company to deliver their message to the customers, either for short-term or long-term. Television and magazines are two of the examples for long-term media, and newspaper is one of the short-term media, where the information in newspaper is always different each day (Kotler &…

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