Essay on Advertisement And Its Exceptional Execution

1253 Words Oct 24th, 2016 6 Pages
The advertisement that I selected is a very fresh ad that just came out after the Olympic games. It opens with a girl in her youthful years holding a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge singing the anthem of another country while gazing out into the vast open sea. She commences singing an anthem, soon afterward, the scene shifts and jumps over into another country with another person singing a different anthem. Each anthem comes with a new location which is different from the home of the anthem. At the end of the advertisement, Samsung claims that they are “Proud sponsors of a world without borders.” This is a very bold claim but due to the nature of their advertisement and their exceptional execution helps support that claim. Everyone wants to be associated with someone who supports the world without any boundaries. This entire advertisement speaks about the criticalness of coming together as the world during such alarming times with terrorism and violence rampant.
The choice of utilizing anthems are an amazing choice in the first place. Anthems are the most patriotic tunes that a person can know. If you are not familiar with another country’s, you would know your own by heart. They are built on a history of problems and a reconciliation of those problems, unique to each individual country with their own long and interesting history. Each anthem which is selected to be in the ad is specifically chosen for a purpose. To help analyze the advertisement, I transcribed the…

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