Essay on Advertisement Analysis : The Advertisement

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Advertisements in modern media strive towards not only selling a product, but making it emotionally appealing to the audience as a means to attach the product with desire. This longstanding tactic has been used by big companies, like Apple, to sell medicore products. Advertisement directors have taken notice that smartphones have created this utopia effect on millennials - creating a bubble of comfort in a portal metal box that tells them whatever they want, whenever they want. It creates a cave like effect, deceiving the users into depending on their phone to truly see reality. The advertisement for a smartphone like Apple’s iPhone 6s exudes to the security of ignorance. The main objective of the advert shows that the iPhone does not take the person out of the cave, but pushes them further in it. The advertisement uses the younger generation’s dependency on socializing digital to sell their product by using characters, cinematography, editing and binaries thoughtfully and subtly.

The iPhone is portrayed in the advert as a safe haven. Social media is used repeatedly to appeal to the younger audience’s interest which alludes to the fact that everything social is found on the phone -- creating a disconnection with human interaction, but a dependency on the phone. With the use of of mise-en-scene, the advert shows the phone as a necessity in a social gathering, implying that the phone, when in social gatherings, must be in use in order to have an actual connection with…

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