Advantages Of Managing A Multicultural Team

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Managing a multicultural team
A multicultural team can be explained as a team of people from different cultural backgrounds working together especially in an organisation to achieve a common objective. This team of people mark the most valuable resources to any organisation so it is important to manage these human resources accordingly. Managing a multicultural team is one of the most challenging responsibilities for all managers or project leaders. In a multicultural team comprising of people from various cultures there can be various discrepancies like same words having different meaning in different cultures, power distance, personal space, language problem etc. So the team leader should have good leadership skill and sufficient
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There tends to be a chance of ‘group think’ in homogenous groups where an idea is accepted because all other team members accepts it and in spite of thinking an alternative course of action the group member believes on the basic assumptions that the idea is good. But in a multicultural team all members have different views about an issue and they have wider experience and reach in solving a problem, they bring out alternate solutions and ideas for a common aspect from various perspectives because different cultures have different view towards world.
Another advantage of multicultural teams is their responsiveness and adaptiveness. A diverse team is more flexible to adapt changes because it manages diversity within the team. Ability to adapt changes is crucial, and then only the organisation can succeed in adverse situations by taking quick decisions. Change is essential to stay in business. The divergent thinking within a multicultural team enhances flexibility of the organisation to adapt changes.
Global level of learning and sharing is possible in a diverse team because each team member may have different opinions and views. Each member is bought up in different cultures so the team members can study about different cultures and being part of this team increases their global reach and enhances their thought
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When people are aware of different communicational styles they tend to less criticizing. The team members should be provided with a basic training about how different cultures communicate and their point of view about their basic beliefs and understanding of different cultures. The first basic thing is to provide training to team members about various cultures and their practises. When people are more aware of different cultural practices the chance of conflict is very

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