Advantages And Disadvantages Of Body Language In A Job Interview

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Body language
While in an interview it is important to keep your body language either positive or neutral. Make sure to sit up straight as it would show more confidence. This would be an advantage as it shows a positive attitude towards the job you have applied for and makes a good impression on the interviewer. Do not however cross your arms, play with your hair or be visibly nervous as it would be a disadvantage. If your hands start to shake, then put them on your lap and interlock your fingers however do not hold them too tight as it would make your nervousness visible if your fingers go white or red. This would be a disadvantage in a job interview as the person interviewing will get an impression of the person being negative and unlikely
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This will be an advantage in the interview as it shows your commitment to the job, your initiative and interest about the job. It would also allow you to make small talk with the interviewer which could make them like you more. This would be a benefit as the interviewer would be more likely to offer you a job as they can see you have an interest in their company and that you can get along with people. While in the interview talk about the role and reference your answers to what you know about the role and company. This would be an advantage as the interviewer would be able to tell that you are the right candidate for this position. Do not however mention unrelated things or lie because that would make you come of as an insincere person. Do also mention activities which you have done which relate to the role, as it shows your ability to do well.
Use of Initiative
Do task before being asked to do them and don’t wait until someone tells you what to do. If you see something that needs doing, such as moving a tripping hazard, then do it straight away to show your initiative.
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This presentation should be linked to the job and the topic asked to do. If the interviewer did not specify what the presentation is supposed to do make sure to do something relevant to the job. While doing the presentation make sure to talk clearly and smile, as it would make the interviewer more interested. Also make sure to use positive body language, such as using your arm to show something and moving about a bit, instead of just standing in one place. Make your voice and tone more interesting instead of just having a monotone voice which could bore the interviewer. While doing the presentation make sure not to shout, as that would be rather rude, and do not be irrelevant as you want the interviewer to know you would be perfect for this job. Also do not be visibly nervous, if your hands start to shake then put them either by the side of your body or put them together in front of you. While talking in the presentation do not cross your arms as it is considered rude to do so and does not show positive body

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