Reflection On The Fall 2016 Career Fair At Kennesaw State University

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The Fall 2016 Career Fair at Kennesaw State University was a very overwhelming yet informative experience. The amount of career paths available to students in the major of psychology is astonishing. I visited many booths at the career fair, all of which had something to do with psychology. I also got 3 signatures from various companies after discussing career opportunities with a representative. The signatures I got were from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Top Golf, and RADCO Residential. All three of these companies have opportunities that can be filled by someone with a major in the field of psychology. My first signature was from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I visited this booth because I am very interested in cars, and I know a lot about them. I also …show more content…
My brother works at a Top Golf in Denver, and I always hear positive feedback from him, so I thought I would check it out. I wanted to learn about the career and promotion opportunities it offers. I have been to Top Golf before and I truly enjoyed the environment and the food. It seems like a great company to work at while in school. I think as a psychology student, working part time at this facility would be a great opportunity. I think a background in psychology would aid me in this job because psychology helped teach me how to be a leader, and a listener. These are great qualities to have while working in an environment that is always busy, thus being prone to high stress environments. Working at Top Golf while in school would also give me more experience in my extensive background in customer service, and it also provides great benefits. Although it is not a career path I would pursue after Law School, it would definitely be a great gig for extra money and experience along the …show more content…
In the book Majoring in the Field of Psychology, Helms and Rogers talk about ways to prepare for a job interview. They give a few interview pointers such as maintaining eye contact, showing enthusiasm, and demonstrating knowledge about the company (Helms and Rogers, 2015). These interview pointers helped prepare me for my interactions with the employees at each booth. Prior to the career fair, I came prepared with proper attire, questions for recruiters, and resumes. I researched each company that I chose to visit, so that I had some background information on their company and values. I think I captured the attention of these recruiters by my confidence and posture. These two factors are very important when meeting a possible future employer. According to Amy Cuddy in her TED talk, judgements on body language can predict meaningful outcomes- meaning it can affect who hires you, who dates you, etc. (Cuddy,2012). Therefore, during the career fair I managed to maintain upright posture, without crossing my arms or locking my hands. These techniques helped set a positive outlook of

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