Abortion Is The Holocaust Of Today Essay

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In the times of today so many crimes have been committed one of them being murder. So many mass murders have happened in the past couple of years. There have been terrorist attacks, bombings, shoot outs caused by gunmen, and many other events that have taken hundreds of people’s lives. One of the greatest killing sprees we have going on today is abortion. Abortion is the holocaust of today having killed more people than the Jewish holocaust caused by Hitler. Abortion is murder.
First, Abortion treats a baby as just a piece of tissue. A baby grows very fast. According to medical facts a baby starts forming organs around 22 days. At just 22 days the cardiovascular system is fully formed and functioning which makes it the first functioning system of the baby. Since his heart is formed you can hear the babies heart at just 22 days and the baby also starts to form is own blood. The baby also starts to form eyes, eye lids, a nose, a mouth and a tongue around six weeks. They say that electrical brain activity is also detected at six or seven weeks. Around 10 weeks the baby can make bodily movements. It’s not just a piece of tissue, it’s a person. A person that God created and has an amazing plan for. God wouldn’t allow a baby to be conceived and not have a plan for that baby. Through medical advances parents today can see their baby grow. With special ultrasounds you can start watching a baby develop at 20 weeks.
Secondly, Abortion takes away the opportunity for that child to grow…

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