Negative Consequences Of Abortion

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Termination an unborn human being is an awful crime that many women have committed throughout centuries and worldwide. Abortion is identified as to terminate a pregnancy or during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Women have abortions for many reasons such as: birth control failure, rape, young age, or unwanted pregnancy. But why kill someone so innocent, someone that has done no danger to you? Instead of killing a baby there are other opinions like foster care, or adoption. Although women have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies, they should consider not doing abortions because it takes innocent lives, causes emotional problems, and damages relationships.
First of all, it’s completely wrong to kill a human being, especially
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But many relationships with couples or married couples last very short after the abortion. This shows that abortion doesn’t only affect the woman but affects everyone around her as well. In Steven Ertelt’s article, Study: Abortions Causes Future Relationship Problems, More Domestic Violence, states that abortions in current relationships cause fighting when wanting a child in the future and even domestic violence. Sometimes the partner would convince the women to have an abortion because he/she doesn’t want one but I feel that it’s incorrect that he or she decided to abort the child. For this reason, it doesn’t take one person to get pregnant, and they should know if they don’t want a child they need to use protection. There are many women who want children but can’t have any and they are very upset know that other women will kill it instead of giving it to someone who desperately want one. If a person has an abortion in a religious family it would be a decreased or dishonor to the family. It’s also upsetting that many couple would blame one another, even though it’s both their fault; just own up to your …show more content…
Many get abortions because the child would only bring bad memories in the nine months ahead or the mother won’t love the child. When it comes to this many people agree that abortion is wanted and best for sexual assault victims. But many people who have been raped are pressured or strongly directed by family members or healthcare to have an abortion. The problem won’t be fix with the baby being terminated, instead it would being more acts of violence and will only make problems worse. Still many women have accepted the child because the child has not done nothing wrong therefore, they don’t have abortions instead they will have and raise the child. Those women I call strong because they went through a hard event and still never blamed the child instead they accepted and love the

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