Abortion Is Illegal Essay

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Murder is illegal
Abortions should be illegal. I will be addressing some adverse points as to why this act of immortality should be banned under every circumstance once again in the United States. My three main points include the fact that these unborn babies are being stripped of their right to life, abortion under no circumstance should be prohibited, and the ugly truth that abortion is murder in the brutalist of form. In 1973 the United States began terminating the lives of unborn babies after they first terminated their rights’ to the 14th Amendment. Which guarantees that no state shall “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law” (New). Women are claiming the government has no say in what they do with their bodies. If abortion was to be illegal women would lose the rights to their own bodies (Pomeroy). However, in this statement the unborn baby also loses right’s. These aborted babies loose the right to their life. If I am 21 and I want to go to a bar and take 7 shots of Tequila the government can’t stop me. However, the government knowing that people have done this before have already passed laws protecting
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This world is turning ugly and it is to no surprise that bad are going to happen. There are on average 89,000 rapes per year in the United States (Statistic Brain). Women sometimes become pregnant during these attacks. I have heard many people say that abortion should be illegal unless the women is raped, I disagree. Despite how the baby was conceived the baby still has a life. People say it is unfair because the women will have to be reminded of that horrible tragedy every day, which is an empty excuse. Regardless of baby or not the woman is still going to have to deal with her rape every day. With this being said the government wouldn’t be forcing her into unwanted motherhood, adoption is a fantastic alternative that in no way requires the murder of a premature

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