Abortion Problem Essay

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There are many problems in the community that we live in today, but one of the major problems is abortion. Abortion is when a women is pregnant and decides to kill the baby that is in her womb. This is a problem because everybody deserves the right to live, and it is not fair for their lives to be taken over the selfishness of others. Abortion has become a major problem over the past years and continues to grow in popularity. We need to help find solutions for women who are thinking about abortion, such as organizations that help mothers that would need financial help when they have their babies, or orphanages to put the kids in after they are born, this would save the lives of these innocent babies. Abortion has become a huge problem in …show more content…
There are many solutions to abortion that we could work toward. Taking the life of an innocent baby is insane. If the parent will not be able to take care of it then give it up for adoption because there is someone out there who would love to take care of that baby. There were around 2.6 million American women were trying to adopt children as of 2002, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services (Abortion ProCon). Everyone deserves the right to live. People get pregnant and jump to conclusions about having an abortion. They need to sit down and actually think about what they are about to do. God put that baby in their life for a reason, so why kill it? If you don’t want a kid then do not have unprotected sex or sex at all. People need to start taking responsibilities for their actions and start acting like the adults they …show more content…
They are responsible for their own actions like are already mentioned earlier when it comes to getting pregnant. It is wrong to take the life of a baby that might have something wrong with it when it is born. They might come out perfectly fine and the doctors just made a mistake. There are so many things to put into consideration when it comes to making abortion illegal. Everybody has different arguments and different views on it and there will always be differences but there has to be a way to make people see that killing is wrong especially if the baby is still in the mother’s stomach. Once the egg is fertilized by the sperm and conception begins that is the beginning of a human and it begins to form into a human. These pro-abortion activist are out there telling people that if it cannot survive out of the womb then it is not alive. That is the biggest lie and so untrue. If you can see the little hands and toes forming in the womb, that baby is definitely alive. If people cannot see that then there is a problem because that is as clear as it gets to prove that theory

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