Essay On Banning Abortion

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Would the banning of abortion be ethical? Abortion can be a topic that is hard for most people to talk about. Abortion is the termination of the unborn fetus (Patil, 2014). This has been a topic that controversial for many years and will continue to be a topic discussed among many. The question is would the banning of abortion be ethical in today’s society. Approximately 42 million abortions have occurred each year in the world. This number is including the illegal abortions and legal abortions (Carroll, p.371). All human have a right to life. If the life of the mother is important, so is the right of the unborn fetus. Abortion has been practiced for years in many parts of the world (Patil, 2014). Aristotle argued that abortion the killing …show more content…
This in terms could cause death to the mother and the child together. I personally do not agree with abortion, but in the fact of banning abortion it would not be ethical. A woman does have the right to choose what it is that she wishes to do, but in terms she must live with the consequences she chooses. The article “Medical Ethics in Abortion” points out some key questions to think about. The questions being “Does the mom have the right to end a life?”, “Does the child have the right to a life?”, and “Does the doctors have the right to kill the child at the mothers request?” (Patil, 2014) These questions make one think about abortion in a way as to see what is more ethical. The quote “I will maintain the utmost respect for human life, for the time of conception” is stated in this article is looked at as an ethical code many doctors follow (Patil, 2014). With this being said, shouldn’t the doctor respect the life of the unborn child? Abortion is a hard topic to discuss and can cause many debates. Abortion should not be banned but should be well thought out. The fetus has the right to be a person despite the circumstances. Abortion can cause the mother to feel guilty and regretful over time as well as some psychological

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