A Teacher At Post Secondary Level Essay

1927 Words Dec 20th, 2016 8 Pages
Imagine it’s the year 1958, you are a teacher at post-secondary level. There are about 100 or so students in your class. What if you wanted to give them a work sheet full of problems to do or even a test? To do this, every test or work sheet would have to be written out by hand. Students and teachers alike have the invention of the photo copier in 1959 to thank for getting rid of this daunting task (Purdue University). A machine as simple as a photo copier or a project can help students and teachers. Those are both fast and efficiency was to get material out to students. This effects teachers buy giving them more time to learn new material and the lesson than hand copping assignments. Another amazing thought to realize is that at this time students are still using fingers and toes to add numbers. Purdue also states that the hand held calculator was introduced into classrooms in 1972 (Purdue University). The calculator allowed students to preform math problems quick and they were able to get more done. In post-secondary this allows student to do more complicated equations and learn more material since a few of the equations are stored on the calculator’s hard drive. There are many technological devices that were specifically made for the classroom. The twenty-first century has brought many interactive teaching devices into the classroom. A leading brand of the interactive classroom would be Smartboard. Smartboard is an attractive white board that can make the teachers…

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