A Survey On Registered Nurse Essay

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Registered Nurse
Neysy Sanchez
Miami Dade College

Registered Nurse
A Registered Nurse is a graduate nurse who has passed a state board examination and has been registered and licensed to practice nursing (Dictionary, 2015).
Also, a Registered Nurse gives care by performing physical exams and health histories.
This provides a better overall idea of the condition of the patient. In addition, both educating patients and their families are equally very important. Counseling involves many things such as medications, wound care, according to the particular need of the patient to ensure the safety of the patient, and a quick recuperation of the patient through counseling and education. The nurse will coordinate care along with providing information about any medications or treatments needed so that with an array of professionals directly monitoring the patient’s health and correct treatment for the condition that is affecting the patient (Association, 2015).
A nurse’s authority is determined by their educational background. A nurse’s education is in preparation for the fast objectives and education given. A nurse will learn how to provide Observation, Assessment, Nursing diagnosis, Planning, Intervention, Evaluation of care, Health teaching and counseling, Promotion of wellness, Maintenance of health, Prevention of illness of others, Administration of medications and treatments as prescribed or authorized by a duly licensed practitioner authorized by the laws of this state…

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