A Research Study On Student 's Enthusiasm And Alertness Essay

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This case study was particulary interesting to me. I watched as the students played their games, and thought about their behaviour. They were attentive and well behaved, I think this is because the games not only related to their program of studies and their curriculum but, they were also playing games that they saw as fun and relevant to them in their home life. I the student’s enthusiasm and attentiveness helps to describe “meaningful” engage is this situation. The teacher in this case study states explicitly that it took her a great deal of time to develop these games in a way that she can manage the class and have them on track with what they need to be learning. I think it a lot more planning went into her revamped games then the cameras allow viewers to see. Although I know activities like these require a lot more planning then the short clip alluded to, I do love the idea of bring games into a classroom.
Once GHI begins our practicums we will have the benefit of seeing the results of some of the planning our teacher associate’s have already begun to build. Unfortunately, GHI will most likely not have the chance to see how our teacher-associates have reshaped or revamped their planning around the personality of their class and/or specific students. I do think is is important for each of us to ask about it though.
Implementing activities like the ones shown in this case study require a teacher to take into consideration the appropriate and inappropriate uses of…

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