A Research On Medicine And Science Essay examples

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Ever wanted to make a difference in your community ? Felt a state of contentment after helping others? Ever been intrigued about medicine and science ? Then you may want to consider a major in nursing. There are wide variety of specialities/positions to choose from, flexible hours, job security, and the pay is fitting. A nursing major opens many doors into the future, and it will always be valuable.
There is an array of options to choose from when deciding what speciality to go into. For example, according to an online source there are forensic nurses, ER nurses, surgical nurses, travel nurses, and much more(“Most Popular Nursing Job & Career Titles”). With so many options like this it allows nurses to not get bored in a particular specialty and have the ability to change their particular job. They can switch jobs and not have to completely change their career. There are over one hundred and seventy different career pathways to pick from(“Most Popular Nursing Job & Career Titles”). Nurses also have flexible hour to work around everyone 's schedule.
An online source stated “nursing is adaptable so it works with your lifestyle: often the length of a shift is flexible-from four to twelve hours of working during the days, evenings, and weekends”(“Career Flexibility”). This allows nurses to balance their life and work appropriately. Although the shifts do take a toll for the nurses who work twelve hour shifts they only have a three day work week. To add on to that nurses…

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