A Report On Human Resource Management Essay

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My Reflecting
Reflecting back over the last five weeks learning about Human Resource Management has been very interesting. In being one of the minions most of my employed years and in a management position just a few years. I did not realize how much I had noticed what Human Resource Management have to do to run a successful organization. It takes a lot being part of the Human Resource Management team. One must know how to do a planning, recruitment and selection of what the jobs entail, what skills are needed and how the selection process will be like. A Human Resource Management team must know about all the latest laws when it comes to Equal Employment Opportunity, affirmative action, compensation, different types of benefits, employee and labor relations, safety and health along with many other areas that are done in the background of a business to be successful. Here is where we will reflect back on the last five weeks and see what we might have learned and how we can take that information into the future with us.

Beginning A good Human Resource Management department must start from the beginning and decide what type of job positions are needed for the organization that they asked to help put together. The human resource management can make or break a company depending on how good the people are. Having a good mission goal and a code of conduct helps to know where the company wants to go and be in the future. Just like a person when the go to college and get a…

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