Mr. Hammonds's Article: The Changing Role Of Human Resources

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In his Article, “WHY WE HATE HR” (Hammonds, 2005), Mr. Hammonds expresses a dislike for HR due to the lack of advancement in the field. Being at the time of writing the article the field of Human Resources was still being used by management as an administrative and disciplinary function for the corporations. Not living up to it’s corporate role and responsibility, nor it’s potential as the “key driver of business performance”. While I can agree with his viewpoint at the time of writing his article, there had been little to no change in the role of HR for over 20 years (Hammonds, 2005). It is documented that prior to the transformation of human resources, that HR staff were not viewed as people to be involved in high level strategy discussions, …show more content…
Utilizing online HR management tools gives the employee the opportunity to do a lot of the traditional tasks themselves, some of these tasks include tracking work hours, managing insurance, progress towards professional goals. This shift allows HR professionals to “focus more on specialized functions to help transform HR from a reaction based service to that of a team of experts who can be consulted by top management and front line employees alike.” (Page, The Changing Role of HR in Today's Workforce, 2017). This technological shift has allowed the HR professional to focus on the skills required to become effective strategic partners. Some of these skills are directly related to knowing the business inside and out, including finance, cost reduction measures, HR program measurement. This fulfils the requirement for HR to create value with human resources. And this shows how HR can be a leader at the executive table. (Heathfield, 2017). This Technology has also made it easier for the HR personnel to become better employee advocates, by giving the employee some responsibility over their submissions to HR(work hours, insurance), creates an environment that the employee feels they are a part of something bigger, that they have some control in the organization. This can go a long way in creating a productive work …show more content…
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