Essay about A Reflection On My Life

1372 Words Oct 21st, 2016 6 Pages
When I think of successful people, my name had always failed to cross my mind. What had I done, or what could I ever do, to make myself worthy of holding such an honorable character trait? As it turns out, I have managed to surprise myself. It’s difficult to discuss these changes without sounding pompous or self-righteous, but I’ve come to find a great joy in reflecting on where I came from and where I stand today. Truly, I had never expected to attend college let alone fall in love with a university that gave me more than just an education. My mother had grown very ill and I was too scared to think about moving away from her. My previous five years were spent taking care of her and being there whenever she needed me. I had felt like it was my job to stay. She, however, had a different plan. Being the utmost amazing woman that my mother is, she wouldn’t take no for an answer. For that I am forever grateful. I found a lifetime organization that would change my life in countless ways, a passion for a career, and a love for myself. I ended up creating a new chapter in a seemingly hopeless life story that I had the displeasure to call my own. The day I decided to apply to Eastern Michigan University was the first step I made towards a more cheerful existence. Eastern was the only college I applied to. I had the pleasure of attending swim training at Eastern as a young competitive swimmer which made the concept of college far less intimidating. If I had to find a new place to…

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