Essay about A Man 's Best Friend

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“A man’s best friend”. Dogs and their quality of companionships have always been an important part of American Culture, and the inseparable bond between man and dog is commonly seen as a symbol of the American dream and lifestyle. As Jack Solomon writes in Masters of Desire: The Culture of American Advertising; “American companies Manufacture status symbols because American consumers want them” (Solomon 403). Dogs were once seen as a status symbol in American society, and are now seen as a symbol of companionship and widely regarded as “a man’s best friend”. Animals and dogs, in particular, have a unique power to persuade consumers when used properly in advertising, and many companies take great advantage of this marketing tool. Chevrolet creates a family oriented commercial about the bond between a girl and her beloved dog Maddie. They focus on making their company more relatable to animal lovers and families alike, comparing the qualities of their company to the star of the commercial “Maddie” a golden retriever with the same name as the commercial. Chevrolet uses the appeal of animal companionship and a compelling analogy between man’s best friend and the Chevy company to effectively persuade the audience into believing how reliable their products are.
Chevy creates a unique order of events for their commercial “ Maddie” by telling the story of a girl and her beloved dog Maddie in reverse chronological order starting with the last moments of Maddie 's life as an elderly…

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