A Life Without A Dad Essay example

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A Life Without a Dad Imagine not seeing the most important man every day. Imagine waking up and not hearing that kind, yet protective voice every morning. Men, why help create a life, if you are not willing to be a part of it? One out of three children who live in the United States does not have a father in their household. Not having an involved father as a child can be depressing and create major issues throughout the years. Although a mother can do almost anything a father can, a father has a different emotional effect on a child. Children who have both an involved mother and father are psychologically more stable than a child who is raised only by a mother. Having both parents in a child 's life insures the child will have a better sense of behavior, a better sense of stability, and a lesser chance of having problems throughout their life. Fathers play a very important role in their child 's life, especially in the emotional part. According to Jamaica-gleaner.com, children with uninvolved fathers are "85 percent more likely to exhibit behavioral disorders" (Henry). As I have seen for myself, a child with a fatherless life can begin to rebel due to the rejection they feel. While watching my two younger sisters grow up without a permanent father, I have discovered behaviors changing, grades dropping, and relationships ruining. Most people may look at them and think they are failures, but they most definitely are not. The real failure of the situation is the "man" of…

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