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For many, a father is one of the first people they see when they are born. Everyone has a father, but some are not lucky enough to grow up with a strong father figure in their lives. Whether emotionally or physically, an absent father can have detrimental effects on a child, and girls that grow up with an absent father will have psychological issues later in life.
As a child develops, they are shaped by their parents. Girls really look up to their father to make a strong structure in their lives, but if there is no father, girls will create an imaginary representation of who her father really is (Strauss, 2013). This set the girl’s development off track significantly.
Girls without a strong father figure in their lives never go
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Having an absent father also has a positive correlation with self-destructive behaviors. This can include feeling depressed, worthless, and self-blame (Bemak, 1999). In this study, Bemak looked at 169 people who had migrated here from Vietnam and had American fathers. Most of these children did not grow up with a father, because the father was American and went back to America after the war. When these people migrated to the Unites States, a huge psychological toll took place. Many of them, about half, reported having several psychological disorders. The questionnaire included 28 disorders including the three mentioned earlier. Correlation does not mean causation, but it is easy to see that there is something going on …show more content…
According to the DSMV, this personality disorder is characterized by tendencies of lack of empathy, disregard for normal social behavior, and also manipulative behaviors. In the case of an absent father, antisocial behavior could easily evolve. For families with separated parents, all members of the family are at risk of developing antisocial behaviors especially the children (Pfiffner, McBurnett, & Rathouz, 2001). Children who lack the emotional bond with their father seem to develop antisocial behaviors because they do not have a structure of love in their life. Children without their biological father living at home are also often taught to avoid conversations relating to their father. This starts to spark different identity issues because “dad” is a taboo subject (Meerumm Terwogt, Meerum Terwogt-Reijnders & Hekken, 2002). This can lead to feelings of isolation because other girls have a good father while these girls are not even allowed to talk about

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