A Leader Is Not For The Hierarchy Of An Organization Essay examples

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Being a leader is not about having a higher position or seniority in the hierarchy of an organization. Others believe and refer leadership in a company to the most experienced person. In my own opinion, for example; a chief executive officer will only be chief executive officer and not a leader if he/she not possess the qualities of a true leader. Moreover, leadership is not about reaching a certain increase of pay. Leadership does not talk about management and does not relate with personal characteristics. Instead, leadership is a process of influencing one’s team, in result maximizing the efforts of its members towards one common goal.

Teams consists of people that share a common desire to which they are all devoted. They are commissioned to achieve goals, make solution to problems and lead to decisions. Remove any one of these common traits, they cannot be a team. In addition, team are people who work together in the same environment. When talking about change in an organization, it is the most avoided thing by workers examples such as change in policy, staff unit rotation, change in working hours and more. The reason why employees tend to resist is because their usual routines may be disrupted. Whatever their reasons, it is important for a leader to introduce the change in a more simple and positive way without any threat. It is the job for the leader to recognize and address the emotional aspect of the organization. Demonstrating sincere open communication by hearing…

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