A Good Science Teacher Can Challenge Students Essay

1114 Words Nov 23rd, 2014 null Page
A good science teacher can challenge students and create an atmosphere conducive for learning, where students have a desire to engage in activities and laboratory experiments, explore their curiosity, and learn through collaboration, persistence and pursue new challenges.

Today’s youth needs a myriad amount of stimuli in order to keep their attention in this fast paced world. Technology is a part of their being, it is how they function in everyday life, and to leave that aspect out is completely foreign to them. Teenagers spend more hours’ texting and with multimedia (Facebook, snapshot, and searching the web) then they do face to face with other teenagers or adults (Generation, 2010). Furthermore, studies have shown that the more stimulation a child gets around the age of four, the more developed the parts of their brains with regards to language and cognition will be decades ahead (Avants et al., 2012). Brain scans of teenagers between the ages of 17 and 19 years of age showed that the development of the cortex in late teens was closely correlated with a child’s cognitive stimulation at the age of four. The cortex is the gray matter in the brain responsible for the processing of information, and with more gray matter, the greater the quantity of information that can be processed. In addition, adolescents have a more flexible brain, meaning things like impulse control, and the ability to think of consequence before taking action, also meaning that…

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