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Reflect on how you would support children working scientifically in primary science.

The National Curriculum (2013) sets out the skills needed for a child to work scientifically at a primary level. These skills include observation, pattern seeking and identifying, classifying and grouping of different objects. Children must also use their developing scientific vocabulary to show their clear understanding of scientific concepts. Due to the fact that science plays such a huge part in the education of children, being able to support this learning is something of utmost importance to a teacher. There are many methods, tools and ways to do this and this essay will explore a few of these ways; the use of technology and ICT and learning outside of
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‘The outdoor classroom is a brilliant free resource’ (Forsey, 2014) with both educational and health benefits. Whilst enhancing the way we teach the national curriculum, learning outside of the classroom has also been associated with the improvement of cognitive capabilities including concentration and memory which can be vital in the acquisition of skills that allow a child to work scientifically. Outside learning also allows children to use play to explore ideas and embed their scientific learning in a safe and meaningful context (Peacock and Dunne, …show more content…
When technology e.g. iPads are used in a purposeful manner, both inside and outside, they can enhance learning. The portability and intuitiveness of technology available in schools now also makes them well suited to outdoor learning and increases child engagement in tasks (Baker, 2014). Many applications are available to download, often for free or very small amounts of money. These applications support many of the skills needed for working scientifically, for example; SkyView Free. This allows children to identify stars, planets and constellations simply by holding up the iPad to the sky reducing the research needed to do so before. I myself have used this application and I believe it is an excellent way to engage children within the topic of space. It is able to bring to life something that is so far away and often hard to think about due to this

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