Assignment 1: Article Analysis

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Question 1:

Flores, M., Musgrove, K., Renner, S., Hinton, V., Strozier, S., Franklin, S., & Hil, D. (2012). A

comparison of communication using the Apple iPad and a picture-based system.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 28(2), 74-84.

I found this article by performing a search on Google scholar. The article is available for download on Taylor and Francis Online. The search terms that I used were “study” “iPad” “teaching” “disability” and “using”. I chose this article because the research was accepted and published three years ago, therefore making it timely and appropriate. I also chose this article because it compares the use of iPads as opposed to picture based flashcards, which is different than the other studies I have recently come across.
Question 2:

The foundation of the research in this article is based on the author 's conducted literature review of
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Children and those with disabilities are at risk when used in research studies, therefore it is essential to follow specific ethical guidelines. This includes receiving authorization from parents, guardians and teachers, as well as each researcher and data collectors having the needed credentials to perform the study. This study followed the strict ethical guidelines needed, therefore the ethical implications are not applicable.
Question 10:

In order to help with my research and my future in teaching, I would like to discuss with the authors and the researchers first impression of using the iPad in the study. Since this study was conducted when the iPad was first released, it would be interesting to learn first-hand how the teachers and researchers approached its use in comparison to other technologies available at the time. I think it would be important for my research to discuss with the researchers how this method of teaching has developed over the last 3-4

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