Ipads In Higher Education: Article Analysis

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New way of teaching by iPad
Many devices such as laptops and iPads are being used increasingly in education around the world. A journal research article “Teacher’s use of iPads in higher education” created by Daniel Churchill and Tianchong Wang in a famous book in Hong Kong Educational technology from page 214 to 225. Both authors are famous professors in Hong Kong who work the most popular Universities in Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Both author study the approaching process of the iPads in education and how teachers, students effectively use for higher education in the article. Daniel main argument is the iPads have strong impact on education nowadays mainly in a part “Affordances of mobile technologies and iPads in education” in the article. The article shows how the adaption of teachers to the iPads and how it supports to transform their way of teaching by the iPads for higher education.
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The authors in this article uses other resources or data from other articles to prove their points are correct. The article gathers plenty of other incredible articles and authors and support its main argument. Over twenty famous research articles were used as evidences in this article. An article Design guidelines for learner-centered by Luchini, K., Quintana, C., & Soloway, E. Published in 2012 is an article has over one million people read online is one of the article was used as an evidence. Another article was used as an evidence is The Design of Everyday Things book by Norman published in 2010 which has sold for over thirty thousand books. The authors also use some of the researches from many popular Universities as their support evidences such as the survey of University of San Francisco that train teachers to use the iPads for six months in 2013. The authors use many amazing resources from many famous articles, books and recent researches to support their

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