Essay about A Day At The University

1433 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
Student Union While I was looking for something to drink in my very first days at the university. I stopped somebody and asked him where to find a coffee shop close to the campus. The person was more than willing to help me, so he pointed to me that huge building and told me that in there, I will find everything I need. He literally said it this way, everything you need is over there from coffee shops, restaurants, and other entertainment things. After hearing these words, I was so thrilled and I started to imagine how the place would look like from the inside. I opened the door, heard an amazing sound of music, and saw a lot of people walking. I was kind of lost as I was still looking for that coffee shop which was the main reason why I went to that place. After few minutes of looking for a coffee shop, I suddenly saw a very long line, and a place where it was incredibly crowded. Then, I stopped to see what made all this crowd, and I realized that I was only few steps from Starbucks. The coffee shop was too small, and people could barely move, but it was still cool. After ordering my coffee, I sat in one of the tables that was surrounded by the Piano, a professional man was playing on a piano and everybody else was watching him.

The student Union, or the heart of the University of Akron as people like to call it, is a place which most of the students in the university consider as their best spot. Student Union has been built to meet all the student’s needs, and…

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