Essay on A Brief Note On Self Assessment Analysis : Listening

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Self Assessment Analysis: Listening
One major communication flaw of mine is my inability to listen to others at times. The idiom, “you have one mouth and two ears, so you should listen twice as much as you talk,” makes sense. However, it has been hard to implement this idea in my life. I have noticed in conversations that I sometimes “check out” and start thinking about other things, completely ignoring the person talking. When I realize I am not listening, I try to redirect my attention back to the other person. Sometimes this works, most times it does not. Another flaw in my listening is that instead of focusing in on what’s being said in a conversation, I often find myself thinking about what I should say or do next which leads me to sometimes speak over people or completely ignore what they said to me before I started talking.
Lack of strong listening skills has a pretty decent impact on all of my relationships, but especially among members of my family. There are four people in my immediate family and none of us has stellar listening skills. My mother has gained the undesirable reputation of falling asleep while being spoken to. My brother and my father, especially my father, loves to listen to themselves talk as opposed to the person they are communicating with. Of course for me, I have the listening issues stated above. As you can probably imagine, effective communication in my household is quite a challenge. We all get by on small talk like, “how was your day,”…

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