William Lyon Mackenzie

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  • The Fulstow Short Story

    However, Mackenzie carelessly left the list he had drawn, “rolls of revolt” he called them, back at the Montgomery Tavern. It was nearly a complete list and was contained in a large carpetbag. This was handily picked up by Bond Head’s men. At first the main effort was to capture Lount and Mackenzie. Lount was captured and later executed in public. Mackenzie escaped to the U.S., eventually returning after a pardon from the Queen. As for Robinson and John back in Thornhill, hoping everything was normal didn’t work. On Monday morning December 11, an agent of the government, with 60 troopers ‘turned out, and scoured the Township of Vaughan’. They captured the local constable ‘that daring villain Watts’, full name Thomas Watts and with him Robinson and John in the back concessions. The prisoners were pinioned together by the arm to a strong central rope and booed and jeered at by bystanders. The small group of humilated prisoners…

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  • What Is Burgundy?

    not its rich culture. Vast country sides filled with lakes, forests, vineyards it’s a nature lover’s paradise. Burgundy know for more specialty food and dishes than just its wine that it produces. Burgundy has the most appellation d’origine controlees than any other French region. The climate of the region can be described as moderate during the summer and winter month, the same can describe its annual rainfall. Burgundy having a rich history going back to prehistoric times. Burgundy and it…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience In My Class

    I went into the spring of 2016 semester taking on too much, too many classes, too many hours at work, and too many charity events with my fraternity of sigma tau gamma. I started off thinking that I would be able to take 18 credit hours of school while working anywhere from 20 to 25 hours a week and still find room to attend all of the philanthropy events put on by sigma tau gamma. Simply put, my struggle with the spring of 2016 semester was due to myself taking on too many things at once. My…

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  • The Character Of Mackenzie Mcshele In The Show The Newsroom

    Mackenzie McHale, a main character on the show The Newsroom, plays an integral role as Will McAvoy’s executive producer at ACN. Mackenzie, being an intense, caring, and passionate person, intervenes in the lives of other characters to encourage their growth and development. Since she views herself as a very determined individual, Mac utilizes her vast array of knowledge and her quick wit to outsmart anyone and face all of the challenges and pitfalls that come with running a fast-paced news show.…

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  • Queen Elizabeth II Research Paper

    Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926 in London, United Kingdom. She was born to George VI, which later died in 1952. Elizabeth then immediately ascended the throne in 1952, which starts her reign of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. She married the Duke of Edinburgh in 1947, and had Prince Charles, heir to the throne, in 1948. She is known for her longest serving monarchy in the history of Great Britain and for her service in World War II. Elizabeth has been the…

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  • Death Of A Salesman Willy A Good Father Analysis

    In Death of a Salesman by, Arthur Miller, Willy has a desire to be a good father to his son were his dad was not. Willy believes that if he can instill the correct values into Biff so he can be like himself or more successful. The problem Willy is confronted with is that he cares too much as if he is trying to emulate his life in Biffs. Compared to Willy Charley takes a position of hands off while still teaching Bernard to be a good student and by working hard because it will pay dividends later…

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  • William Carlos Williams And Modernism In Short Stories

    For example, these people exist in sports, businesses, and even poetry. The American poet, William Carlos Williams (1883-1963), was one of the four major American poets or in other words, one of the big guys. Williams always loved literature; however, he went to medical school in hopes of becoming a physician. Despite his schooling, Williams still enjoyed writing. With his love of writing and physician degree, he really had a huge effect with the style, this author used. He actually had a major…

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  • Icarus Poetry Analysis

    show a message or theme of their own works. In the works “Musee des Beaux Arts,” “Landscape With the Fall of Icarus,” and “To A Friend Whose Work has Come to Triumph,” the authors use the myth of Icarus and Daedalus as this backdrop. Auden, Williams, and Sexton use the myth of Icarus as comparisons in their poems, but for different reasons. The authors, Auden, Williams, and Sexton, allude to this myth in their poems to either show Icarus’ story in its insignificance or in its triumph. In W.H.…

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  • Marianne Moore Poem Analysis

    to her grandfather's house and stay there until his death. Which was on 1894. They just moved from one relative to another until the big move to carlisle, PA. Moore graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a BA degree in biology in 1909. Following graduation, Moore studied typing at Carlisle Commercial College. And from 1911 to 1915 she was employed as a school teacher at the Carlisle Indian school. (“Poets.org”). Moore had many careers throughout her life. Her mother and her moved to New york…

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  • Analysis Of Red Wheelbarrow By William Carlos Williams

    knowing what celebrities went through to get there. With that being said, what do you value most in life? Is it the little things that can be by the past or the important things? In life people tend to put so much value on the little things. For example, like William Carlos Williams hold his red wheelbarrow to so much standards. He feels as though so much depends upon it. When we focus on the little things, we tend to get side-tracked as William Carlos Williams shows in his “Red Wheel” poem and…

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