What Is Burgundy?

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Burgundy often known for its famous wine but not its rich culture. Vast country sides filled with lakes, forests, vineyards it’s a nature lover’s paradise. Burgundy know for more specialty food and dishes than just its wine that it produces. Burgundy has the most appellation d’origine controlees than any other French region. The climate of the region can be described as moderate during the summer and winter month, the same can describe its annual rainfall. Burgundy having a rich history going back to prehistoric times. Burgundy and it history relates to food from the production of wine. Being a region of France with such a beautiful rich history as its country side.

Burgundy is located in eastern central France. It is approximately 100 kilometers
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“Around 4000BC agriculture began in Burgundy” (Elson, Web). This is when agriculture had begun in what is the modern Burgundy. Tribes were crossing the Danube river bringing with them technologies they had already developed. Soon after burgundy had become a crossroads for travelers and traders. Eventually bring the Celts to this region from a continuous migration. The Celts had become a continuous civilization without even know it. The Celts were peaceful people. “Their imaginative ingenuity for which the Celts are remembered” (Elson, Web) in developing turn of the era skills weapons and developing and implementing agricultural practices which helped farm the lands. During the Middle Ages life began to change in the region of modern Burgundy. Christianity was spreading through Europe and with that came long monks and missionaries. These monks settled all over Europe. The first monastery was created in Cluny by the Benedictine Monks in 940 AD. These monks introduced what is now the major export of the region, grapes. They planted pinot noir and chardonnay grapes. They had also discovered that if they planted grapes in certain areas these areas would yield better grapes. This started the modern concept of terrior. During the Middle Ages people began to start appreciating food and wine and agriculture more. This helped revolutionize the modern cuisines in this …show more content…
This began to foster a relationship of the people of the area, the food they were making and the history behind it all. Food had a strong relationship to the past history of the region. “The cuisine of Burgundy is known for its richness, due in large part to two factors: the region’s heavy red wines and its possession of one of the world’s finest breeds of beef cattle, the Charollais” (France-voyage.com, Web). This came about because the food was based around the wine that was produced. The food in the area is connected to the wine. The region was later discovered it had great cattle making the food tastier and thus more appreciated giving a better relationship and pride when making the food. People now were connected to the food more than

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