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  • Dreams Vs. Reality In William Shakespeare's A Midsummers Night Dream

    Mercury the lead singer of Queen, “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, No escape from reality. Open your eyes, Look up to the skies and see…” English playwright William Shakespeare plays with this idea of dreams versus reality throughout a number of his production. The William Shakespeare play A Midsummers Night Dream plays with this idea more than any other play production created by the famous playwright. Within this particular play, Shakespeare plays with the…

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  • The Nature Of Samuel Coleridge And William Wordsworth's Kubla Khan

    Poets Samuel Coleridge and William Wordsworth found their creativity challenged as they were deeply consumed by the societal and artistic pressures of the Romantic period. Poets during this time were faced with the intense pressure of meeting the Romantic ideal of the “creative genius” as they were plagued with a self-paralysing consciousness. These pressures halted their conscious creative ability and influenced their artistic vision, consequently jeopardising the quality of their work. When…

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  • Corruption In Brutus

    “Speak, Strike, and Redress”: The Rise and Fall of Brutus’ Moral Compass Julius Caesar Act II, Scene I, lines 10-236 In Act III of William Shakespeare’s play ‘Julius Caesar’, Julius Caesar, Emperor of Rome, is murdered. Prefacing this, in Act II, Brutus contemplates the necessity of this end to Caesar’s life and sovereignty. It has been suggested that power or the quest for it causes Caesar’s death, however it is in fact the opposite. Brutus does not seek power, in fact he fears for his…

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  • Sanity And Madness In Hamlet

    One’s sanity is not something you can control. Without sanity comes madness, but it is within our minds and grows over time if not released or helped. For Hamlet, he chooses to give the appearance as if he is mad I order to find the truth about his father’s death. At the beginning of his plan, everything is going good but as time goes by Hamlet is slowly losing control of his madness, and his mind begins to spin out of control. Something that started as an act of insanity or antic disposition…

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  • The Theme Of Love, Friendship And Marriage In William Shakespeare's Sonnets

    Cupid painted blind.” - William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s dream. (Goodreads). William Shakespeare was born approximately on April 23rd, 1564. William Shakespeare was also the eldest surviving son to his parents, therefore being the elder brother in the family. William Shakespeare’s younger siblings were Edmund, Gilbert, Richard, Anne and Joan. His relationship towards his younger siblings is unknown and remains a mystery. (Shakespeare’s life.). William Shakespeare’s father…

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  • Desire Under The Elms Analysis

    Desire under the Elms The Plight of Modern Man O'Neill's Desire under the Elms represents the plight of modern man through many themes. The play represented theme of greed, family problems, Alienation and psychological problems which are all considered to be within the problems faces by modern man. The protagonist Eben is a very clear example on these themes. The theme of greed is represented intensively through all characters but especially Eben. His desire to own the farm alone is…

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  • Characterism And Symbolism In Hurst's The Scarlet Ibis

    “The only difference between a hero and the villain is that the villain chooses to use that power in a way that is selfish and hurts other people” (Chadwick Boseman). In Hurst’s “The Scarlet Ibis,” the narrator chooses to use his power in a way that hurts his invalid brother, Doodle. While living in a time period where different is considered improper, the narrator cannot mentally handle the fact that Doodle is different from others. Being the older sibling, the narrator takes on the…

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  • Gertrude And Gertrude In The Character Of Hamlet's Mother

    Carolyn Heilbrun’s The Character of Hamlet’s Mother describes the role and the characterization of the queen, Gertrude, in Hamlet. In comparison, T.S. Eliot’s Hamlet and his Problems, describes how the work of Hamlet is an artistic failure. When compared, Heilbrun’s essay is more practical and more agreeable due to its use of quotes from the play and its organized structure than that of Eliot’s. She uses this piece as a means to help readers understand the purpose that Gertrude plays in the…

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  • The Short Story Of Low Visibility By Margaret Murphy

    Low visibility by Margaret Murphy The short story “Low Visibility”, written by Margaret Murphy in 2008, is about the main character called Laura, who is in an unhappy marriage with her abusive, dominant, husband, John. Laura, who is an anonymous person most of the time of the story, lives a depressing life. She is under the thumb of her husband, which is why she has become an insecure, wordless, obedient wife. You get the information that she used to be an energizing, ebullience and spirited…

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  • Internal Conflict In Macbeth

    Macbeth by William Shakespeare focuses on the exchange of power and the lengths people are willing to go on behalf of their ambition. The lead character, Macbeth, faces internal conflict over the immoral actions he commits in order to achieve the witches prophecy and become King. Throughout the play the reader sees the ramifications of the murders he commits on the kingdom as a whole, and on a slew of other characters. Prince Malcolm falls victim to Macbeth's dastardly plans, and flees to…

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