The Influence Of Queen Elizabeth In Shakespeare By William Shakespeare

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As William Shakespeare grew to become an English poet, he was able to entertain many people of his age. They would arrive into the theater, witnessing how Shakespeare was able to bring his words to life, even being assailed by other playwrights like Robert Greene because of Shakespeare 's work being superior than others. He had a huge audience, but from that very crowd was Queen Elizabeth I, a powerful queen that was able to destroy the Spanish and make her empire the number one super power in the world. Elizabeth’s aggressive ruling influenced his style such as Romeo at Juliet, when they both commit suicide in the end. When Shakespeare grew to be a phenomenal writer and widely regarded the greatest writer in the English language; she supported …show more content…
(Amanda Mabillard) Also with Elizabeth 's frequent stays at Nonsuch Palace and her holding court there from 1582 to the ending of her life the only thing we can presume that all actors performed at this mansion. In particular, because of Elizabeth being queen, one of Shakespeare 's plays would have to be about Queen Elizabeth I. As a result, one of his famous plays called a Midsummer-Night 's Dream, in this play it mentions "a fair vestal throned by the west, (Shakespeare)". It is important to realize that this quote is talking about Queen Elizabeth I because vestal refers to the virgin Roman goddess of hearth, home, and family. Queen Elizabeth I was also called Elizabeth the Virgin. In the quote it also mentions by the west, London at this time was the center of western ideas and improved in its culture. Many other examples how Elizabeth influenced his writing is in the play Richard the Third were Elizabeth’s grandfather defeats the evil Richard on Bosworth Field. Also after Elizabeth 's death that is when Shakespeare wrote about tragedy, even though not writing about her

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