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  • Grendel's Loyalty In Beowulf

    The short digressions in the poem, describing many good or bad leaders (mostly kings) and their behavior toward their people, helps represent what was expected of a leader. The Lay of Finn, sung at Heorot between the Grendel and Grendel's Mother episodes, deals with people who change their loyalty to a king who kills the previous one. When all of Beowulf's men panic and run at the approach of the dragon, Wiglaf thinks about all the good things Beowulf has done for him and then rushes into the lair, yelling and cursing the others for not helping their king. Then afterward, when they have failed to help and Beowulf is dead, Wiglaf yells at them for running away and their failure to live up to their promises to their king. Finally, at Beowulf's funeral, the mourners once again sum up his legacy and all the great things he has done for…

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  • Essay On Selflessness In Beowulf

    Beowulf’s strength was not enough to kill the Dragon. Beowulf’s courage and selflessness was what ultimately defeated the Dragon. Beowulf needs the aid of Wiglaf to defeat the Dragon, because the Dragon was too powerful. In the beginning of the poem Beowulf’s definitive heroic characteristic is his strength. However in his battle with the Dragon he displays other characteristics. If Beowulf’s sole heroic quality was his strength than when he discovered he was not as strong as the Dragon he would…

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  • Wiglaf Is An Epic Hero Essay

    events. Wiglaf is a epic hero because Wiglaf was the only one who was willing to support Beowulf against the dragon. Wiglaf conforms to the heroic code and is willing to die to draft the opponent. Wiglaf is an great character fro an epic hero because he is fearless, valiant, and caring. Wiglaf is fearless because he was the only one that was willing to risk his life to help and protect Beowulf during the battle against the dragon. Wiglaf was willing to die to protect his lord. “ We are the…

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  • Wiglaf's Role Model In Beowulf

    In my opinion, Wiglaf is a huge role model in the book, “Beowulf”. He is a follower of our hero, Beowulf, and is undoubtedly his most faithful warrior. Wiglaf is honorable, courageous, and as selfless as can be. Wiglaf has proven all of this in this story. There are many words that can describe Wiglaf, but I feel as though these words give the strongest adjectives that apply to this character. Wiglaf obviously has an amazing amount of courage. In line 773 – 774 of the book, this is what is…

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  • Essay On Loyalty In Beowulf

    his tribe. During the battle with the dragon, Wiglaf calls for the other ten thanes to help Beowulf fight. Although Beowulf has protected them throughout the poem, the thanes return…

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  • Theme Of Loyalty In Beowulf

    poem is Beowulf , Hrothgar , Grendel , and wiglaf. In this epic poem there is a brave , loyal leader name Beowulf. Beowulf who slays many monsters arrived at the Herot to defeat a monster name Grendel. Beowulf many obstacles during his journey. The major theme in the epic poem Beowulf that makes up the character is loyalty. There are many literary elements that shows loyalty in Beowulf. One of the elements was plot. In the event of The coming of Beowulf , Beowulf heard about Grendel and quickly…

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  • Similarities Between Christian And Pagan In Beowulf

    reciprocate the gift that has been given to him by his lord. When he sees Beowulf struggle with the dragon he pleas to the other warriors to help, but they flea and Wiglaf is the only one left, “I shall stand by you.” (2668). This relationship is wildly reminiscent of that of David and Jonathan in 1 Samuel within the old testament. For example, in 1 Samuel, the friends know they are not supposed to be seen together, due to king Sauls damnation of David, they meet in secret in a field and make a…

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  • Moral Values In Beowulf

    Anglo-Saxon people. It is Extraordinarily that the two characters are Beowulf and Wiglaf, in the poem of Beowulf demonstrates important morals of its time: bravery, honor, and loyalty. Beowulf is from the kingdom of Geatland, he is “a mightier noble, a larger man” no more than twenty years old. He is…

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  • How Is Loyalty Shown In Beowulf

    Loyalty and Allegiance throughout Beowulf In Beowulf loyalty and allegiance is a virtue found throughout the poem and is shown in the battles Beowulf fought to end the monster’s reign of terror. Loyalty is show when Beowulf helps Hrothgar and his men by repaying his debt and killing Grendal. Then again when General’s mother tries to avenge her son's death by killing Hrothgar's closest friend. Finally, at the end it is Wiglaf who shows his loyalty to Beowulf when the rest if his men commit…

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  • The Role Of Harry Potter In Beowulf

    Throughout every hero’s journey they are faced with many challenges, create alliances, and remain humble. In the epic Beowulf, defeats multiple monsters, gains many loyal followers, and stays modest through his journey. Even in the modern world our characteristics of a hero has changed since the Anglo-Saxon period, one concept still remains, defending the good from. Much like the Dragon in Beowulf, Harry Potter must come to a final battle with the one thing that represents evil and death,…

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