Wiglaf Is An Epic Hero Essay

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Miracle Barksdale
Language Arts IVA ( CP)
3 October, 2017 Heros

An epic hero is a brave and noble character in a epic poem admired for great achievements or affected by grand events. Wiglaf is a epic hero because Wiglaf was the only one who was willing to support Beowulf against the dragon. Wiglaf conforms to the heroic code and is willing to die to draft the opponent. Wiglaf is an great character fro an epic hero because he is fearless, valiant, and caring. Wiglaf is fearless because he was the only one that was willing to risk his life to help and protect Beowulf during the battle against the dragon. Wiglaf was willing to die to protect his lord. “ We are the monster
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Wiglaf helps Beowulf through every task. Wiglaf is Valiant ( Brave) because he took a vowe to always help Beowulf fight while the warriors was rightly accuse them of running when they vowed to fight. “I would die by my king than to flee”. Wiglaf says this to the other warriors because Wiglaf would rather to be burned to help Beowulf because Beowulf is the king and your warriors are suppose to be brave and loyal like Wiglaf so that could live up to Beowulf standards. Wiglaf was also brave because he took off his armor and helment to defeat the beasts. “ flames flapped the shield, charred it to the boss and the body on the warrior was useless to him” When it came to the last battle Wiglaf armor was useless because Wiglaf would have killed the monster with or without it. Wiglaf actions shows that Wiglaf was pre-paired to win the battle. Wiglaf stands by Beowulf and show his bravery by standing and going with Beowulf to battle against the beasts. Wiglaf was caring because Wiglaf was caring because he told Beowulf that they should hire someone to kill the dragon but Beowulf wanted to protect his kingdom himself When Beowulf was bit by the dragon,

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