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  • The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Diction Analysis

    The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Coleridge, is a poem that was written in 1798 during the Industrial Revolution. The tale guides the reader through the adventures of an ancient mariner. The mariner begins telling his tale during a wedding. The mariner learns his lesson after killing an innocent Albatross on a voyage. Coleridge uses symbolism and diction to instill the lesson of respect for nature and all of God's creation. The lesson imparted by Coleridge in the poem is done so partly through the use of symbolism. The first example of symbolism showing the lessons of respect for nature is when the mariner kills the Albatross at the beginning of the story. The mariner says"With my cross-bow / I shot the Albatross" (Coleridge 80-81). This particular action is symbolic because it sparks the curse. The mariner was irreverent and carefree of nature, and his act of shooting down the peaceful bird symbolizes the dangerous disregard many people have of nature. The Albatross itself represents the goodness of nature and the innocence of God's creation. The second example of symbolism is while the mariner is cursed. When looking at the dead men on his ship, the mariner "... looked to Heaven, and tried to pray: / But or ever a prayer had gusht, / A wucked whisper came, and made / My heart as dry as dust" (241-244). This quote demonstrates symbolism because he is cursed and has lost his connection with God after killing the Albatross. After attempting communication…

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  • Effects Of Long Hour Burnout

    7 October 2011 Effects on Nurses Working Long Hours Patients in a hospital and/or healthcare facilities have to be cared for all day and all night, everyday of the week by nurses. The usual way to fulfill this need is to divide up the day into three 8-hour shifts. Different shifts have been put into place to help improve nurse satisfaction, decrease the nursing shortage and save the hospital money. The 24-hour day is made up of two 12-hour shifts; 12 hours in the day and 12 hours at night.…

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  • Encarta Dbq Industrial Revolution

    The industrial revolution had a great impact on the job market; there had suddenly become an abundance of job openings in cities all around the country. The Encarta’s artist rendition of this industrial plant portrays a factory centered at the heart of the city. Factories began sprouting up in cities all over. (Document #3) Factories that produced consumer goods such as clothing or other cloth items became very popular after James Hargreaves invention of the spinning jenny in 1764. James…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Operation Desert Shield

    They soon passed several resolutions to condemn Iraq and demand a complete withdrawal from Kuwait (Encarta n.p.). Many countries in the UN that couldn’t afford to send troops sent money instead. Over $53 billion dollars were raised this way, with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait acting as the largest donors (“The Gulf War” n.p.). The UN also agreed to start an embargo against Iraq. An embargo is when nothing is bought from or sold to a country. Only medical supplies and emergency food could be purchased…

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  • Moment Of Creation

    v beauty, physical laws, chemical, etc., that govern it involve the existence of a maker. The theory of the big explosion is conclusive, it demonstrates scientifically that the universe had a moment of creation, and that is in constant expansion, if we reverse this phenomenon, and imagine it in the opposite direction, in such a way that the expansion becomes a Condensation we will return to the same moment of the Big Bang, or the work of God. "Relativity", Encyclopedia Microsoft® Encarta® 98 ©…

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  • Analysis Of Livy's 'History Of Rome'

    And actually he says it in the preface that one should not actually zero in on the mythical part but on the undertakings of the peoples day to day life. For example the life of Remus and Romulus shows how superstitious the Roman society was from the onset. This is seen when Remus and Romulus consulted the tutelary deities by means of augury to know who was to give his name to the city they founded (Kirschenbaum, 1996); and this is also seen in the latter stories i.e. the defeat at Lake…

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  • Harold Pinter The Caretaker Analysis

    How does Harold Pinter portray absurdity in his play of The Caretaker? Introduction Through my studying of the part three works, one being The Outsider which was written by Albert Camus, translated by Joseph Laredo and published by Penguin Books in 1983, I was introduced to the theme of absurdism which dominates throughout the book. Camus invents a character or martyr whose simply does not conform to the normality of the society and will not pretend (“afterword”, The Outsider). Absurdism is one…

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  • Industrialization DBQ

    My first piece of evidence is, “the Encarta showed a visual of automobiles being made.” (document #4) We have cars now but back then they had cars but it took them awhile to make them. Making cars is not easy, people demand cars. My second piece of evidence is, “That railroads travel quicker” (document #5) and “that traveling only took about six days instead of months.” (document #5) Railroad was a miracle for many people back then. Traveling was a gift back then cause you didn't get to see your…

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  • Industrial Revolution: Positive Or Negative Effects On Society

    People swarmed to the job opportunities and relocated their families into the cities where work was available. Encarta Online Encyclopedia reported, "As countries industrialized, they also urbanized. This was a result of people moving to cities in large numbers in order to gain factory jobs" (Document #6). People were attracted to all the job opportunities, so they wanted to pursue a better life in the city. Unfortunately, the cities were not equipped for the large migration of people. The space…

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  • Porter's Five Forces Analysis Of The HP Company

    80% of the total goods and services produced by US businesses are purchased and supported by the local consumers. In 1999, a total of $2.9 trillion was the US’s gross domestic product (Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia, 2005). Based on a more recent statistical estimation, the US GDP per capita is at $41, 800 and has a real growth of 3.5%. The GDP purchasing parity on the other hand is at $12.37 trillion based on the 2005 estimation (The World Fact book, 2006). The activeness of the US…

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