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  • H. G. Wells The Chronic Argonauts

    H.G. Wells, short for, Herbert George Wells was a successful English novelist, journalist, and sociologist who had a great influence on our view of the future. Wells was born on September 21, 1866 in Bromley, England and passed away on August 13, 1946 in London. Growing up, Wells’ mother worked on an estate as a housekeeper, and he spent most of his time at her workplace after his father’s shop failed. One day, Wells discovers the owner’s extensive library and spends his time there as he…

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  • Tony Kushner's Angels In America

    In this world, a person’s perception may affect their way of being by the alteration of their beliefs, which is the standard of their opinions and their critical way of thinking. An introduction of a different perspective may influence their judgment by giving them more knowledge and reasoning to pursue a goal or to neglect different kinds of opportunities or even responsibilities. This idea represented by the playwright and screenwriter, Tony Kushner in his drama called “Angels in America a gay…

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  • Island Of A Thousand Mirrors Analysis

    Island of a Thousand Mirrors One of the key transitions that drove Saraswathi’s transformation was the loss of her family at the age of sixteen. Amma, her mother, explains, “You have to go from here, my daughter. We can’t keep you with us anymore. You must go to the training camp. Learn to fight. Become a hero” (159). Saraswathi’s environment changed as she was forced to become a Tiger soldier. As Saraswathi loses her parents, she no longer has a role model to look up to. Being young and…

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  • The Time Machine Classic

    The Time Machine When an author writes a book, there are many different attributes that could cause the book to be studied carefully, have characteristics of becoming a classic, and contribute different aspects to society. H.G. Wells shows the reader a desolate future by displaying how mankind will move towards a more capitalist society and change for the worst, in his classic The Time Machine. H.G. Wells, author of great works such as the Time Machine, the Chronic Argonauts, and…

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  • The Obergefell Case Summary

    According to Katz (par. 3), the Supreme Tribunal joined the case together with the others and agreed to review them. The briefing was set to come to a close in April this year. The other lawsuits involved the Tennessee, Kentucky, and Michigan. The court advised the parties in the cases to present their arguments, according to the questions concerning the Amendment. The Obergefell’s lawsuit was mainly directed towards the violation of the Fourteenth Act. The oral arguments in the case were…

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  • Cannibal Coop Case Study

    but no one knows who will actually go through will those threats. The Cannibal cop case from New York is another example, Gilberto Valle posted online to many fetish chat forums about attacking , torturing, cooking, and eating specific women. In his case, Valle convinced the judge that he was just living out a dark fantasy and using the forum to express his thoughts to others who thought in the same way he did. His case was soon thrown out, as the judge felt he was protected under free-speech…

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  • Supreme Court Case: Medellin V. Texas

    Oregon Court of Appeals and the Oregon Supreme Court agreed that this treaty does not generate individual rights, but only rights of countries, meaning that the state did not have to honor the federal treaty. In a 5-4 decision by Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Justice Antonin Scalia, Justice Anthony Kennedy, Justice Clarence Thomas, and Justice Samuel Alito with Mr. Breyer, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Souter, and Mrs. Ginsburg disagreeing, the members of the Supreme Court ruled that states are allowed to…

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  • Five Decisis: The Role Of Uncertainty In The Law

    The term stare decisis means, “Let the decision stand”, or in other words a doctrine that establishes precedent. For once a legal issue is settled, stare decisis suggests that any following cases presenting the same question shall follow the preceding ruling of the case that set the initial precedent. Honoring stare decisis provides the Supreme Court greater legitimacy because it maintains the, “fundamental principle of jurisprudence that promotes certainty in the law and uniformity in the…

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  • Capital Punishment Arguments

    Capital Punishment: as this idea brings some great comfort to society,it is also shown to bring a discomfort. This is happening in due to the fact that people believe taking a person’s life no matter what they did is wrong and cruel, and wrong people are killed at times. Many of the reasons why people hate capital punishment are because the religious values one holds. The different kinds of religions that influence an individual’s values are those really popular religions that countries get run…

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  • Supreme Court Case Essay

    Title and Citation: Fry V. Napoleon Community School District Topic: A school district denying the student the right to have a service dog attend school. Level or Type of Court: Supreme Court- Oct 2016 Facts of the Case: A student with cerebral palsy obtained a service dog with the doctor’s approval to help her live as independent as possible. The service dog was hypo-allergenic and was to stay out of the way when not needed. The Community School District of Napoleon refused to allow the…

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