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  • The Crucible Tragic Hero Essay

    In ‘The Crucible’, John Proctor exhibits the qualities defined as those of a tragic hero; he struggles against society by remaining independent; he gives up his name and freedom for the greater good of Salem through his confession of adultery; and redeems himself through his discovery of his goodness, and his self- sacrifice. Miller defines a tragic hero in his essay, ‘Tragedy and the Common Man’, juxtaposing Aristotle’s views that only characters of nobility are appropriate; Miller describes a…

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  • Destructive Forces In Fiction And Reality In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

    Destructive forces in fiction and reality Destructive forces are societal pressures that cause destruction in the lives of humans when they choose to give in to them. Hysteria, jealousy, and greed are three of these destructive forces that have an effect on the lives of people every day. Hysteria is characterized by irrational actions that are produced by fear. Jealousy is hatred for someone else because of something that they possess that you cannot or do not have. Lastly, greed is the…

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  • Thematic Synthesis Essay: The Crucible And The Scarlet Letter

    Thematic Synthesis Paper The Crucible and the Scarlet Letter Different forms of punishments among Puritans served the dual purpose of inspiring individuals to repent and preserving certain social norm (ehow.com).This is shown in both “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller and “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne the unique ways for the guilty to suffer for example in the scarlet letter Hester Prynne had to wear a letter of her bosom forever and was used as an example of shame publically. And in…

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  • Examples Of Mob Violence In The Crucible

    Mob Violence People get caught up in mob violence everyday. Sometimes without realizing it and it may not even correspond with that person’s thoughts and beliefs. That 's why mob mentality is so inconceivable. It can take the most simple and ordinary person and turn them into a lost individual working for the mob’s dangerous premeditation. Because if everyone else is doing it, and everyone else believes in it, then why not? Everyone, at least once in their life, will become caught up in…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Andrew Carnegie

    As we all know, history is something that we can learn and grow from, basically because it is something we can use as an example to repeat or not to repeat so we do not make the same mistakes again. That is the best thing about history, because we can grow from the past in order to make for a better tomorrow, something I believe Andrew Carnegie did. Although Andrew Carnegie was a very controversial influence in this time period, there are always several sides to every story. Andrew Carnegie was…

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  • The Crucible Reflection

    The Crucible Essay In The Crucible, Arthur Miller was successful on educating readers about history and encouraging them to not make the same mistakes of the past. The McCarthy era was more of an ideological war, meaning an idea that scared people to death, rather than a real war. The major issue that happened in Salem is that people were falsely accused of being witches when there was no real evidence of witchcraft. I believe that Arthur Miller did a sound job of getting his readers to…

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  • The Seven Deadly Sins In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

    that anger and pride get along in this part of the play, because Proctor is holding his pride with anger . Lastly, we have sloth or laziness. This sin is not related at all to the rest, and it was hard to find it in the play. But we have Marry Warren, committing sloth . She was named by the court, an official. She got herself out of working in the Proctor's house, so we can see her say: "So I'll be gone everyday for some time. I'm an official of the court now they say." So she decides to take…

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  • Book Review Of Rich Dad Poor Dad, By Robert Kiyosaki

    Introduction Rich Dad Poor Dad, written by Robert Kiyosaki is a compilation of one man’s journey of how he acquired wealth. This book has sold over 26 million copies around the world and continues to prove a timeless piece for decades to come. The success of the book can be attributed to the format and the layman terms used. The subject is front and center in the minds many people daily as each strive to obtain a solid financial structure for their families and future. This paper will…

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  • Chief Justice: The Warren Court

    Warren court was a time full of life changing events, whether they were good or bad they affected everyone. Changes were being made quite frequently to civil rights, judicial and federal powers. The Warren court was known for several different things such as: ending racial segregation, putting a stop to prayer in public schools, making the right to privacy very clear through the constitution, and much, much more. Without the Warren court, there is no say on how the United States would be right…

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  • Analysis Of The Crucible: Pointing Fingers Facing The Invisible Audience

    Pointing Fingers Facing The Invisible Audience During the 1950s, the United States evolved from a stable country to a nation filled with terror and suspicion. This unfortunate event took place, by the cause of a senator named Joseph McCarthy. He, who had the power to express a convincing speech, convincingly shared accusatory confessions to the public relating to people, in the government, following communism beliefs. This lead to Arthur Miller writing the play The Crucible, because many people,…

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