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  • Consequences Of Technology In The Veldt, By Ray Bradbury

    “The Veldt” is a short story written by Ray Bradbury on September 23, 1950. Bradbury, known for his science fiction genre, wrote many novels including: Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles, Dandelion Wine and more. The common theme of his novels is that humans can be manipulated by technology. “The Veldt” is about a family that has a very technologically advanced home that performs every task for them. The children eventually get revenge on their parents with their own technology – the nursery…

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  • John Roberts Supreme Court Justice

    Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. Just as it has been more interesting to take this class during an election year, perhaps now is also one of the most interesting times to study a Supreme Court justice. I chose John Roberts for two reasons, first, because he was a conservative and it is very likely that Donald Trump will choose a conservative justice this year. Secondly, because I thought it was interesting that he became a Supreme Court Justice at a relatively young age. I wondered, “Did he…

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  • Baldus Study: Racial Discrimination

    The majority of the court’s opinion was presented by Justice Lewis Powell. In their analysis they concluded that the Baldus Study did not establish the clear intent of racial discrimination in the plaintiff’s case. They claimed that McCleskey failed to prove that any participating member in his case acted in a discriminatory manner against him. They concluded that discretion is crucial factor in the criminal justice process. Due to the critical need for discretion the plaintiff would have to…

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  • James A. Garfield's Presidency

    best of options. For example, “Garfield’s lack of judgement was revealed when he replaced Edwin M. Merrit with William H. Robertson; this also showed that Garfield acted as a spoilsman” (Doenecke). Also, “although Garfield’s secretary of state, James G. Blaine, delt with foreign policy in a nonchalant manner, Garfield was heavily dependent on him.” Garfield probably should have used better judgment when considered whether or not replacing Merrit was a good idea and should have chosen who based…

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  • Samuel Anthony Alito

    Samuel Anthony Alito, Jr. is currently a Supreme Court justice and considered to have a rather conservative take on things. He is well known to lean towards making decisions that align with the ideals of a libertarian. On April 1, 1950, Samuel A. Alito Jr. was born in Trenton, New Jersey. He was raised in Hamilton, New Jersey. His father, Samuel A. Alito, emigrated from Italy and both of his parents were school teachers. Alito’s strong views on immigration originate from his father. Even through…

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  • Cato Institute Research Paper

    In the United States the system of government is unique from the rest of the world. For the last one and a half centuries since the death of the Whig party and the rise of the Republican Party has caused the country to be dominated by the two party system making a legitimate third parties all but eliminated from the political process. The limitation of third parties has created the climate for interest groups to thrive. One of the most famous interest group is the Cato Institute. Throughout this…

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  • Why The Morlocks Exist In The Time Machine

    In The Time Machine, by H.G Wells, Wells’ view of humanity is shown as the Traveler advances into the future. When he reaches the year 802,701 AD, he encounters two different species of what seem to be the humans of that time period. The Time Traveller names these two species “Eloi” and the “Morlocks”. Both of these represent Wells’ view of humanity that will form as time advances. Although they are both organisms of the future, the way they live their lives are very different. The Eloi are very…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Reality Of High School

    Reality of High School As you go through life, people in this world make many mistakes but also learn tons of lessons. Some don’t mature fast enough to know they’ve made mistakes and some are taught a lesson but have never actually learned it. Luckily, I had a major reality check in February of last year causing me to realize that the importance of high school is figuring out the type of person you want to be. Every girl knows the story or the movie of the popular girl in school that every…

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  • Affordable Care Challenges

    Introduction Ever since its creation in 2010, the Affordable Care Act has received a great deal of backlash. The law has been brought to the courts three times now due to many Americans having issues with certain provisions in the law. Two of the cases that challenged the Affordable Care Act have made it to the Supreme Court. The issues that have been challenged have been in reference to the provisions that expand Medicaid, grant subsidies to states that have established exchanges, and the…

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  • Seventh Day Adventist Summary

    Leading Seventh-day Adventist historian, author, and educator, George R. Knight, born in 1941, is a retired professor of church history at the theological seminary at Andrews University. His books include the Adventist Heritage series, the Ellen White series, and a devotional Bible commentary series. Just last year, in 2014, he was considered to be the “best-selling and [most] influential voice,” ever since Ellen White, for the past three decades within the denomination. Throughout this book,…

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