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  • The Transformation Of Nintendo 64 To The Playstation 4

    Video games have been transformed so much thought the years. Starting from pong in the 70’s to modern day video games. As society advances so do video games and their importance in modern culture. The more complicated we make video games the more we see there is controversy around it, but that’s not the main transformation this paper will be focusing on. The transformation I see the most would be between the Nintendo 64 to the PlayStation 4 consoles. The Nintendo 64 was a stepping stone for…

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  • Major Changes In Video Games

    ever since the first console launched. Many differences have arose from the introduction of the first console, the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972, and the more recent releases into the gaming market, the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One in late 2013, to allow for better graphics, storylines, and overall experiences. Without the changes in video games to adjust to the times, I doubt they would be as popular as they are today. To draw more and more people to video games, many changes had…

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  • Xbox One Compare And Contrast Essay

    Every child dreads this moment. As kids and teenagers, most people beg their parents for a gaming console. When you are allowed to get one, though, a problem arises. Which console is the best to get? In the eighth generation of home video game consoles, there are three main “players” out in the market: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. However, there are only two truly “successful” consoles here in the U.S., the Xbox One (Microsoft) and the PlayStation 4 (Sony). Although these systems are very…

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  • Advantages And Differences Of PS4 Vs. Xbox One

    PS4 vs Xbox One The console wars have been going on since the late 1980’s. Every gamer has their preference on what they play. Whether it be PC, console, mobile, etc. Currently the two hottest consoles on the market are the Microsoft Xbox one and the Sony PS4. It has been over 3 years since these consoles have come out. They are both very good game consoles for this generation. They are both very similar in many ways, but they also have major differences. Trying to pick between PS4 and Xbox…

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  • Violence Based Media Behavior

    Effect on the Human Behavior Video games were an outlet by which violence was circulated in the media. Violence based media, particularly that of video games, could have negative effects on the behavior of its users causing an “increase in aggressiveness” (Thomas Gilovich, 2013). The relationship between the use of violent driving games and the increase in aggressive behavior was tested in an experiment. The experimenter hypothesized that subjects who play driving games containing violent…

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  • Compare And Contrast Ps4 And Xbox

    Video Games “The Obvious objective of video games is to entertain people by surprising them with new experiences.”- Shigeru Miyamto. Since, the early 1990’s, there has only been two heavy weight gaming consoles: PlayStation and Xbox. Over the years, they both have tremendously evolved into impressive gaming consoles. Currently, the latest models are the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One. A gaming console is a device which outputs a video image onto a screen. The term “gaming console” is used to…

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  • Xbox 360 Research Paper

    ‘mod’. When it comes to hacking, there are two ways to hack a console. A person can either do a software attack or a physical attack (Eric DeBusschere). Software attacks are when a person takes advantage of a hole in the console or a third party, that manufactured games with a security problem. Until 2011, the main exploit used for the Xbox 360 was from a direct memory issue exposed by unchecked shaders in Peter Jackson’s King Kong game (Eric DeBusschere). Software attacks was used for years…

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  • How Video Games Have Changed Over The Years

    10.3 billion dollar industry? Video games have been around since the late 60’s. Now most of them have more computing power than the first rocket ship. Video games have evolved over the years. From 8 bit to HD, they have evolved and offer many possibilities. While sometimes the can be bad they can also be good. They help with some disorders (“Orenstein,”) and mental problems, and they also offer a very successful career if your willing to put in the work. Video games have been around for longer…

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  • Go God Go Themes

    He paces in front of the video game store once again and he cannot even manage to fall asleep later that night. Unable to endure the wait any longer, Cartman begs his friends Stan, Kyle, and Kenny to help him freeze himself. In this interaction Cartman is deadly serious and the boys…

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  • Write An Essay On Groups

    She is 17 years old and she graduated from Mount Ida. Her hobbies are watching television, playing video games, and watching movies. Whenever she watches television, she likes to watch Supernatural. Usually, Supernatural shows on Wednesday nights. Her favorite video game that she likes to play is Destiny the Taken King. She likes to play this game on her favorite videogame console, which is the Play Station 4. Her favorite movie of all time to watch is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” However…

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