The Playstation And Its Impact On The Xbox

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In the world today, the PlayStation has defined how we are allowed to play action, adventure, and even simulation games. The PlayStation is probable the one of game consoles that offers everything for both gamers and typical people. It allows users to play or watch from games, movies/shows, and even browse the internet. In order to understand how the PlayStation is so excellent, we will need to know the history of the consoles, and what makes it perform at the highest level. Overall PlayStation has offered more options for people to have a more entertaining time. Before a device or product becomes hugely popular and/or successful it goes through a process over time. When the first PlayStation was introduced by Sony, it was originally a system both develop by Nintendo and Sony called CD-ROM attachment, also called Super Disc. Due to various contractual and licensing problems, the system eventual did not release. Instead, Sony decided to use the ideas and the technologies used in the system and made a modified version called Play Station. It was introduced in 1995 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Chicago (Griffith 1). The Play Station could allow audio, video and computer data to accessed, such as music and video games by CD-ROM. The very first weekend the Play Station was released, it sold more than 100,000 units. In the first six months, over a million systems were sold (Sony 1). Soon later, Sony had designed a new and improved version called the PlayStation X,

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