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  • The Influence Of Video Games On The Video Game Industry

    age are endless. Constant upgrades are being made to all aspects of the video game world. Switching from console gaming to PC gaming is something that just keeps getting bigger by the day. The gaming industry constantly evolving has caused the technology of the film industry as well as the platform that games are being played to be propelled by gaming technology, this paper will examine, content distribution, how video games changed the film industry, and technological advancement. Now before we…

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  • Examples Of Corruption In The Video Game Industry

    industry. Unfortunately for gamers, the video game industry is dominated by greedy companies and lazy game producers that are constantly putting out games that are low in quality and high in price. These games often do not contain what was promised to consumers, whether that refers to the quality of the graphics, the gameplay, the story, or the stuff that happens when you conquer the game. Since customers are often charged a whopping sixty dollars for one of these games, it’s really upsetting…

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  • Everquest 2 Case Study

    facing an ethical dilemma. Everquest II, an online role-playing game (RPG) was supposed to be launched recently as a sequel to the hugely popular Everquest I launched back in 2004. The game had a dynamic storyline which would change on a monthly basis depending on the actions of the players and the guests. The game is supposed to become a huge success and SoE was expecting high profits and favorable customer response. However, the game faced several legal issue related to the death of a child…

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  • Eos M5 Case Study

    Canon EOS M5: mirrorless wants to be a DSLR According to hundreds of comments on popular rumour websites, Canon may well have created a nice camera with their new mirrorless: the EOS M5 wants to be a… DSLR. In camera 5-axis image stabilizer that works in tandem with the lens IS, a centralized electronic viewfinder and a touch screen that works in tandem with said viewfinder, are some of the surprises inside the new EOS M5, which represents a shift for the M series from Canon. If all works as…

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  • Ps4 Vs Ps3 Comparison

    between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 and which is better? Sony is slowly adding PS2 and PS3 games for purchase to play on PS4. I believe that PS3 is better because of its backwards compatibility. The main reason I think PS3 is better is because the more reliable and free backward compatibility, unlike the PS4 in which a purchase is necessary. On top of purchasing, only select games are chosen to be made downloadable. Price is a main focus of buyers. In comparison, PS3 is…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Video Games

    A new game is coming out in a week. The game was announced over a year ago with trailers to build excitement for the game. As the launch approaches, more information is released and hype for the game grows. The game comes out and it’s an immediate hit. The only problem is it’s only available on one console, a console they don’t own. Anyone who doesn’t have this console either has to buy the console to play the game or just not buy the game. But what if there was a way that they could buy the…

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  • Nintendo's Business Strategy For The Wii U.

    STRATEGY: Market Strategy 1. Reaching Beyond Existing Gamers The market segment of Nintendo is focused of first time games. Their aim is to have people to have fun when playing the games, they want to introduce games to those who are not avid players. Their ability to have women, children and men who aren’t interested much in games to enable to play. 2. New and Easy-to-use Controller Their strength lies in having easy to use controllers, which is much different from its…

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  • Negative Effects Of Video Games

    Negative Effects of Videogames Ralph Baer created the first video game console, in the late sixteen-hundreds (Smithsonian). Since then, many new consoles like the PS4, XBOX, and the Nintendo have been created. These consoles offer a first-person capability, giving them a real-life experience. This type of experience makes it hard to differentiate between real life and the virtual world. The video games have become sexually, graphically, and violently more advanced. The most dangerous effects of…

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  • Video Games Informative Speech

    The development of handheld consoles like the for mentioned DS and PSP are also going to be capable of playing online though any Wi-Fi or 4G connection allowing the player to interact with people all over the world on-the-go. Now virtual retinal display might just be the revolutionary way to end the making of the consoles altogether. Michael Anissimov said on that a virtual retinal display is a head mounted display system that projects an image directly on the human retina with low…

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  • The Evolution Of Video Games

    Why have video games become a big success? Back in the early 1900s, people didn’t have video games, they had simple games such as checker and chess. These two games are still widely played, but when computers and televisions started becoming a normal necessity, virtual games became more apparent. The concept of video games started with the first computer game. This game was a version of tic-tac-toe, created in 1952 by A.S. Douglas, a Cambridge university doctoral student (Hile) This simple, but…

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