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  • Essay Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana

    Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana A well-known 1980’s comedian named Bill Hicks once said, “Why is marijuana against the law? IT grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn’t the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit…unnatural? (” There are various benefits from this naturally grown herb that America has failed to use to their advantage. The legalization of Marijuana would aid various individuals with the specific health issue they face. Numerous individuals stated…

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  • Legalizing Marijuan A Rhetorical Analysis

    The age-long debate on whether or not to legalize marijuana seems to be one of the big questions going on in America these days. With three states legalizing recreational marijuana other states seem to be changing their view and policy on it. Many more states seem to be asking themselves “To blaze or not to blaze’’ as well as many Americans. There are many sides of this question and many views on each side of the debate. People seem to take either a moral standpoint or a progressive view. The…

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  • Informative Essay On Medical Marijuana

    Picture this, a woman mid 50’s, stage three terminal cancer. The doctors’ have concluded that the cancer is incurable. To make matters worse, she is going through common symptoms of the chemotherapy like pain, depression, nausea, and loss of appetite. It’s not enough that she is dying, but her final moments will be in extreme discomfort. Medical marijuana has been proven to succor these symptoms so the patients last moments in this world are pleasant. The plant, marijuana, is derived from the…

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  • Annotated Bliography Annotated Bibliography: Legalization Of Marijuana

    information is very useful in helping those to understand possibilities that would happen if marijuana was legal. This article is important because there is more than one side and have all the information. Anonymous. "The Case for Legalisation." Crime and Punishment: Essential Primary Sources. The Economist Newspaper. July 26, 2001. Global Issues In Context. Web.…

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  • Legalization Of Physician-Assisted Suicide

    Imagine your terminally ill grandmother lying in a hospital bed, slowly dying of cancer, and the only two words she continues to repeat are “kill me.” If physician-assisted suicide, or PAS, was legal in the United States, loved ones would no longer have to suffer. In order to allow terminally ill patients to die with dignity, the U.S. government needs to legalize PAS. PAS should be legalized because it grants patients the right to a respectable death, the process ensures patients are competent…

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  • Sport Doping Essay

    Within the past three decades the world of sports has developed into multi-billion dollar business, with franchises and individual athlete’s signing sponsorship deals and TV rights contracts worth millions. This has put immense pressure onto the shoulders of athlete’s, sports clubs and national sporting federations to succeed, win major titles and gold medals. This increase in pressure has caused coaches, and athlete’s to make the decision to take performance enhancing drugs to attempt to…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Legalization Of Assisted Suicide

    Assisted suicide lets a person be able to control his or her own future, allowing them to die when and where they feel best. Assisted suicide, or also known as euthanasia, which comes from the Greek word meaning “easy death”, has been seen in many court cases around the United States with supporters attempting to have euthanasia legalized. Oregon is central state where euthanasia supporters are because it was the first state to legalize assisted suicide. On the other hand, assisted suicide could…

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  • All States Should Legalize Euthanasia

    Legalizing Euthanasia “We control our entry into life, it is time we began to control our exit.” - Max Frisch. Euthanasia is a highly controversial debate all around the globe. Opponents argue that using euthanasia to end one’s life is morally erroneous and believe it violates the principles of medicine; proponents believe euthanasia is a considerate way to end the suffering of terminally ill people. With the legalization of euthanasia, many benefits could be added to this country. Bountiful…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

    Picture living in a world where marijuana is so free that even your 12 year old son or daughter could get their hands on it without hardly any effort. Well that’s the world parents, law enforcement officers and government officials would have to live in if the bill gets passed that marijuana is federally legal for recreational use. Marijuana is a hallucinogen that affects the brain and alters your awareness. For years there have been debates weather not marijuana should be legalized for…

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  • Legalizing Marijuana Should Be Banned

    Legalizing Marijuana should be Forbidden Marijuana has been around for many years that has created a disastrously bad habit. Although there are many kinds of drugs, marijuana is the most sought after by all ages. Legalizing marijuana should be forbidden for the sake of its effects on the brain and body, with so many different effects it creates very little that can be avoided. Most users have reported an increase in appetite, heightened sensory awareness, and various hallucinogenic pleasures…

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