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  • Linear Perspective Drawing Essay

    We will be discussing two-point perspective (which is a type of linear perspective drawing), learning how to draw an object in two-point perspective will allow you to understand the importance of proportions and angles when it comes to the elaboration of objects in the design field, but before jumping into that we need to define certain terms in order to understand how this technique…

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  • Analysis Of The Gust Of Wind By Gustave Courbet

    Victor Hugo and Lelia, he grew into a widely known painter. Even though literary works were where he began, his works soon evolved into more realistic themes. The reason behind that was, “ he believed that realism is more focused on rough handling of pigments, and that it should present the reality and harshness occurring in day to day situations.” In simpler terms, Courbet wanted to capture the essence of human life in his paintings. Not only did he include the flaws of nature and humans, he…

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  • Vanishing Point In Masaccio's The Expulsion From Paradise

    Young Early Renaissance artist Masaccio painted The Expulsion from Paradise he painted it on the wall of the Brancacci Chapel in the church of Santa Maria del Carmine, in Florence, Italy. The Expulsion from Paradise is a fresco, that uses perspective and a vanishing point to grab the viewers’ attention. These features offer us with a way of understanding the beautiful work of art that it is. This painting was one of the most remarkable paintings from all of the ones we studied this semester. I…

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  • Hills Like White Elephants Commentary

    failure of a choice. Where one or both of those involved doesn’t get what they desire or in the way it was desired. Using the crime metaphor again, one or both of them being caught by police. While the fertile lands and trees is the decision baring the sought after goal. The happiness they both can share in a way both will be happy. Again using crime, they both got away scot free. The train station to others was the current point of the argument. I don’t believe it to be true because the train…

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  • Meditation: The Driver Of The Minivan

    Across many cultures, a snake is believed to be deceptive largely on a great influence from the bible. The first analogy I think associated with this is the snake in the grass. This “is someone who pretends to be your friend while secretly things to harm you” ( At one point or another in life, we lose a friend, it might be due to loss of communication, death, or it might be because they turn out to be as fraudulent as snakes are made to be in the previous analogy. Losing a…

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  • The Other Wes Moore Life

    My parents emphasized education over everything which instilled within me a love of learning that I still have today. “‘We will do what others expect of us,’ Wes said. ‘If they expect us to graduate, we will graduate. If they expect us to get a job, we will get a job. If they expect us to go to jail, then that’s where we will end up too. At some point you lose control’” (126). In my opinion, I thought that this quote itself embodied what the author was trying to get the reader to understand…

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  • Like Emoticon Analysis

    messages. This is adding to a greater whole in Facebook’s case because it is talking to every user of the site. Not just to a certain post, but to future posts and any other that has been seen on the site as well. Pathos is where it really hits you because of the dagger; it is an indication to what it feels like to like a post/comment that is bashing someone or a group for that matter. People underestimate the power of social media and its influences. Likes/Comments and posts hurt just as much…

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  • NASA Pros And Cons

    data points, but in lives changed and career paths altered. Having students look up…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Attending A Speech By Dr Laker

    Unknowingly, it was a clever way to introduce the points he makes later in the speech. There was no thesis directly stated, however the entire speech was about techniques he used when working at the school in Pakistan and everyday interactions. Dr. Laker had three main points which he explains then shares examples of. Since the speech is about personal spirituality, it tended to be subjective. The concepts were clear but the purposes will change from one audience member to another. Dr. Laker…

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  • Reflection On A Group Presentation

    to use it to incorporate ideas, sportsmanship, and generational impacts sports has on American culture. By narrowing the topic to the affects sports has on culture, sources become more easily accessible and our organization made sense when considering which sport has the greatest impact. The downfall with our topic was the we specifically talked about a separate sport individually. By discussing different sports, it was difficult to show how they related to each other. As visual aids, we…

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