Transcendental function

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  • Alien Hand Syndrome (AHS)

    According to Goldstein in 1908, Alien hand syndrome (AHS) was labelled as a disorder related to the inability to do certain actions, also known as apraxia. “It was named main etrangere (foreign hand) or alien hand by Brion and Jedynak in 1972” (Pooyania, Mohr, and Gray, 2011). AHS is an extraordinary neurological disorder where an individual display unusual, involuntary movements that happen with one hand (sometimes two hands in rare cases), that are not controlled by the individual. It is as…

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  • Copula Function Approach

    introduced copula function approach in the aspect of evaluating credit derivatives, the copula function has gradually become the main approach in pricing CDO (Burtschell & George, 2005). In Li (2000) paper, a new random variable named ‘time-until-default’ was created to demonstrate survival time of each defaultable entity. And the copula function approach is based on this random variable to evaluate the default probability of financial instruments. Specifically, copula function specify the joint…

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  • Jekyll Hyde Analysis

    Freud relates repression by terms deemed the “id”, “ego”, and “superego.” In relation to these terms, Hyde is the id, pursuing indulgence and possessing no moral code. He is pleased with violence and death, especially if he causes it (Singh). Hyde is pure, unbridled desire, making him the definition of the Id. Dr. Jekyll represents the ego. Always mindful and cautious, Jekyll lets society rule his life. Unfortunately, Jekyll is desperately consumed by the He has a difficult time juggling between…

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  • Stress Between Men And Women Essay

    brain to why men and women handle multitasking the ways they do. Wlassoff stated that the male brains are more connected within each hemisphere, while female brains are connected more between the two hemispheres. That is why men and women behave and function better. In one of Wlassoff studies it showed that men can detect and process visual stimuli and fast moving objects better than women, and scientists think it has to do with testosterone. That 's why more men become air pilots and race car…

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  • Capgras Syndrome: A Case Study

    Madame M walked into John Capgras’ office claiming that her family had been replaced by imposters. Moreover, she described that those who have been kidnapped have been placed below in her cellar or underground in Paris. Originally, it was believed that Madame M was experiencing a mental breakdown. However, Dr. John Capgras noticed that this phenomena that Madame M was experiencing was actually a psychological disorder. Although not common, it was prominently seen in women of all groups.…

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  • Jill Bolte Taylor's 'My Stroke Of Insight'

    Taylor emotionally connects to her audience by telling jokes, shows her credibility by explaining her background in studying the brain, and shows that the information she is providing is backed up by facts by teaching us about the brain and its functions. One example of how Taylor uses the pathos appeal, is when she talks about her stroke. She goes into detail and explains that having a stroke was like becoming ” an infant in a woman’s body” and when she felt that her reality had shifted to…

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  • Applications Of Probability In Probability

    In definition, probability refers to the measure of the likelihood of an event happening. The probability for any event occurring falls between 1 percent and 100 percent thus meaning that the interpreted meaning of a probability equals the subject meaning held of the probability (Grinstead et al, 1997). However, it is worth noting that the application of probability or assigning of probability to the events in the effort to gratifying the axioms of probability follows some rules or basics…

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  • Differences Between Long Run And Short Run Vs. Pure Competition

    There are several ways that the long run differs from the short run in pure competition. First of all, pure competition is defined by involving a very large number of firms producing a standardized product, for example, corn, where each producer’s output is nearly identical to that of every other producer. Also, pure competition allows new firms to enter or exit the industry very easily. During the process of pure competition, the short run allows the industry to repose towards a specific…

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  • Brain Activity During A Sentence Picture Matching Task

    As research shows, the brain is divided into two hemispheres, the left and right. The brain is hemispherically lateralized, meaning that each hemisphere has their own set of specialized functions, making them differ greatly regardless of their similar makeup. The left hemisphere controls the right side of the body, spoken and written language, mathematical calculations, logical thought, and the analysis of detail. The right hemisphere instead controls the left side of the body, visual-spatial…

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  • STEM Pedagogical Model Essay

    ISE SUMMER PROJECT 2015 Probability, randomness, and chance should be central in any STEM pedagogical model. The concepts of randomness and chance play a very significant role in the essence of all sciences, and especially in the empirical sciences. Randomness is a critical component of biological modeling at many levels in a wide range of systems. The fundamental axioms of the quantum paradigm in physics are, by definition, essentially stochastic. Economics uses the randomness in human thought…

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