Peer Counselling Essay

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Peer Counselling:
My Experience, Interests and personal traits for the field.
Peer counselling is a lot more complex than just speaking to peers about various problems. Because of its complexity it is not for everyone. Various personal traits may very beneficial to the field however there are other traits that may just get in the way. Also just having experience as a helper in any capacity can be plus if interested in peer counselling. With all this being said, I will reflect on various aspects of myself that pertain to the practice of peer counselling.
When it comes to experience as a helper, I must say that I haven’t had much experience but there were a couple instances where I did step in to aid a friend and family member. The first instance
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Other reasons include I love helping people especially ones closest to me, I know how frustrating it is to get the “run around” when you need help and want to ensure that others do not have to go through the same problem and finally I think that peer counselling is a great way to improve my communication skills.
Also when I go back home, I get into these situations more often than not where people come to me to talk. I do not know why people find it easy to confide in me but it happens quite a bit and very often I do not know how to deal with the situation. I think that with the many recurring instances, my interest in peer counselling has only become stronger. I also think that learning more about this field will allow me to better handle the awkward situations and give aid to my family and friends regardless the situation.
Apart from my experiences as a helper and constant counselling encounters with friends I believe that I have the various traits needed to be successful in this field. I am very patient, empathetic, nonjudgmental, discrete, self-aware, authentic and people say that I am a good listener. Being a good listener, patient, empathetic and nonjudgmental relate to becoming a peer counselor quite readily however I understand the others may not, and so let me

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