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  • Breakfas: A Short Story

    “Ryan!!! Can I not wake up one morning without you playing a prank on me?” Ryan, in a hurry to get out, ran for the door. Emily thought she caught a sheepish smile on her brother’s face. The fourteen year-old girl stood up and started to get dressed, smiling. Her little brother was so annoying, but she still loved him a lot. It had been this way for around 8 years now. When Ryan was still a baby, terrorists assassinated his dad, who was a former prosecutor and had tons of criminals against…

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  • Essay On Winter Haven

    This setting is located in Maine in the United States of America. The place of events are in Winter Harbor “Winter Haven” in the town where the protagonist Jill is spending time with her grandmother. The time setting in the book was in 1942, a year after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The time period is when Germany declared war on the USA during the Holocaust, and the USA’s suspicions to Germany aiding Japan in the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This was an actual worry of the United States during this…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Fishing Trip To Hawaii

    said. “What are you talking about going back for we just got here,” replied my dad. “We've been out here fishing all day and we haven't even had a bite,” I said. I and my dad for the past five years have gone on a fishing trip to Hawaii. I always loved the trip, but this year it was different we were already halfway through the week-long trip and only been out fishing one day. To make things even worse we hadn't even had a bite all day. All I wanted to do was go back to the island and make up…

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  • Romeo And Juliet Guilty Analysis

    Friar Lawrence was the one who married Romeo and Juliet even though he knew it wasn’t right. He never told their parents or made sure that they loved each other. Romeo went to talk to him about Juliet and Lawrence knew that their relationship started too soon “Oh, she knew well/Thy love did read by rote, that could not spell./But come, young waverer, come, go with me,/In one respect I’ll thy assistant be,/For this alliance may so happy prove/To…

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  • Drama Analysis Of Hamlet

    Drama Analysis: Hamlet 'To be or not to be '. This is a very famous literary cue, and which characterizes both the play hamlet and his author William Shakespeare. For the drama analysis paper I chose to do it over Hamlet. A play read by many and known by even more than that. A rather long play out of the book as well. The book even states that, "Hamlet must be the best known of all characters in the theater of the world". I am going to first give a story line or a short summary of the play.…

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  • How Is Hamlet Rationalize Ophelia's Suicide

    Ophelia’s Suicide: A Case of a Stolen Life In Shakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet, whether Ophelia killed herself, or died by accident, as Gertrude seemed to believe, remains unanswered in the play. Ophelia experiences many personal tragedies, troubles and, finally, “madness” before her untimely death. One can infer that Shakespeare intended her death to be suicide because Ophelia was not given a proper Christian burial and she was in despair. The other members of the court rationalize her death as an…

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  • Right Hand M Burr's Relationship With George Washington

    Another key to success that Burr, and many others, lacked was good a relationship with George Washington. It seems ironic that despite Burr being so preoccupied with being likable, he could not establish a advantage - bringing relationship with the General during the revolution. In the musical’s Right Hand Man Burr appeals to Washington for a position in the military but is dismissed after Hamilton enters the room, upon which the position of aide-de-camp is offered to Alexander instead. In…

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  • William Dodd's In The Garden Of Beasts

    It shows how America was willing to help and was doing their best. For me personally, I received a newer and greater depth of knowledge about Hitler, Nazis, and everything that was going on in Berlin. My view of America has not changed, but my view on Germany has. I just wonder how one man, could convince a whole country…

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  • Passion And Desire In Bronte's Wuthering Heights

    connection and their passion. Unfortunately for Heathcliff and Catherine Sr., their passions cannot coexist. Aside from their punishments, for which they plan revenge, pain accompanies their passions. When they escape and go to Thrushcross Grange to spy on the Linton children,…

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  • Jekyll Hyde Analysis

    phase of human development (Singh). Perhaps this repressed human for is simply a repressed version of Jekyll dealing with Victorian ideals. Freud mentions, “the ego sometimes copies the person who is not loved and sometimes the one who is loved” (Freud, Group psych, p. 439). Dr. Jekyll is a lonely man, who, by creating this uninhibited personality, thought he could love himself and others. As a result of this repression, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde develop their…

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