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  • Ask Me Poem Analysis

    reflects on whether or not he is defined by his actions: “Ask me whether / what I have done is my life” (2-3). This line is determining the relationship between being and doing and if these two actions is mutually exclusive. Then Stafford goes on to examine the cause others might have had on his life and queries if there was any effect on his course. And some have tried to help Or to hurt: ask me what difference Their strongest love or hate has made. (5-7) Stafford is indicating that any external influence he was exposed to had a negligible effect on his life and decisions. The intent did not matter whether it be positive or negative because while the strongest emotions have the potential for great impact, there must be permission from the person to be affected for any impact to actually be made. Stafford uses words of nature to further his river metaphor by labelling interpersonal relationships as “ice” (1) and the course of his life as a “river” (1). The pace of the river is initially “slow” (4) and pairs this with a calm tone. The nostalgic tone is strongest in the first stanza as Stafford speaks in past tense and reflects on his life. In the second stanza, Stafford directly addresses the reader and invites the reader to reply: “I will listen to what you say” (8). As the second stanza continues, the reader and author or joined together as Stafford progresses from “you” (8) to “You and I” (9) to “We” (10) and “us” (13). The peaceful tone is stronger in the second…

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  • Inspire Me, Muse: A Short Story

    Inspire me, Muse, in telling the age long tale of a girl tormented in many ways, yet she could conquer any obstacle in her path. The girl that could defeat any creature, no matter the horror. Her name was Eleanor Hughes. Eleanor was the strongest warrior among many who had the determination to destroy the three strongest monsters known to man. She dared not to listen to anyone for she was set on a path to right was had been done wrong. The only thing she wanted was to live a life without worry,…

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  • Relational Continuity Constructional Units (151)

    of the smartphone. This made me think about whether leadership is determined on different factors amongst children compared to older generations. Table E presented the strongest example of family identity (190). For most tables, like Table B, I had no credible basis on which to assume that the people involved were related to each other. Although still cannot guarantee the legitimacy of my observation, Table E looked like the stereotype of what a typical Northwest Iowan nuclear family (177)…

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  • My Primary Group Essay

    Our family is our strongest support system for our entire life. It 's also true what we learn from family is not always the strongest skill used in the larger society, which later needs to be modified. We learn our social skills from our family and then get it buffering through schools, friends, and through our love relationships. The process helps us adjust to better integrate with society. Even though the initial strength of the family was absolutely necessary growing up, it became very…

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  • Macbeth Tragic Hero Characteristics

    A Shakespearean tragic hero is defined as a person of noble birth heroic qualities who possesses a tragic flaw in character that brings about his downfall. The character of Macbeth is one of a classic example of Shakespearean tragic hero. There are three main characteristics that titled Macbeth as a “Tragic Hero”. Firstly, Macbeth is a figure of high stature in form of nobility and wisdom. Secondly, Macbeth is essentially a good-hearted and noble man, but suffers in tremendous downfall due…

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  • Who Is The Strongest In The World

    Which Man is the Strongest in the World? The question has long been asked, which man is the strongest in the world? Paul Anderson was considered to be that man in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Bill Kazmaier claimed that title from 1980 to 1982. Today we have the Met-Rx World’s Strongest Man to determine our champion. What determines which man is the strongest in the world, and how does a person train to be that man? This page explores and answers those questions and more! In the 1950’s Paul…

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  • Legislative Branch The Strongest

    Everyone assume the president controls everything but with the help of his peers and cabin below him, he is able to make decisions through their advice. The president does not make every call for the country. Even the president cannot control everything for the country, so that’s where the legislative branch comes in. I believe the legislative branch is the strongest because some of its powers. They write laws, levy tax, confirm Supreme Court justices, decide budgets and carry out impeachment…

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  • The Strongest Relationships In Homer's Odyssey

    Penelope’s enduring and hopeful love for Odysseus makes their relationship the strongest remaining for more than 20 years. The relationships Odysseus has with Circe, Kalypso, and Penelope share love, but some are stronger than the others. Homer shows us the weak love based infatuation and respect, that Circe,…

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  • The Strongest Grandmother Alive Analysis

    The Strongest Grandmother Alive To have a full appreciation and gratification of this personal essay you first have to understand my family upbringing. As a child my immediate family was always much closer to my mothers side of the family than my dads side. With my mothers family we religiously came together as a family for days full of loving and also our fair share of fighting with each other. However, it was much different with my dad’s side of the family. As a child I only saw that side of…

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  • Deontology: The Strongest Ethical Theory

    The universe is composed of millions of people. Each individual has their own opportunity to make change in the world and possibly do something good. To create a civilized world, there must be rules put into action. Deontology is the strongest ethical theory due to the idea of one’s duty to undergo certain actions and insufficient information. Divine Command is the weakest ethical strategy due to varying beliefs, and existence independently of God. With a foundation of reason and ideas of…

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