My Primary Group Essay

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Our Primary Group:
What we remember and don’t want to remember
In this chapter, Charles H. Cooley points out that “the central role of primary group development of one 's sense of self.” Primary group includes family, childhood friends, and our love relationship. I recall on our second discussion most of us agreed on how the family effect on individuals socialize in this society. Reflecting back on my life, it is true that a family has an enormous effect on us. I knew that for the first 5 years of my life, my family was the only society I encountered. It shaped the first chapter of my life; there was nothing but love, much support, and basically lots of attention. What a 5 year-old wants is what she will get.
We grew up in a rural area and there was much work for the entire family. We had a garden and I remember everyone had to take care of it. It provided much of the basic necessities. We also had to travel far to get other things like food and cloth items. Even though we were a small family we still had
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Our family is our strongest support system for our entire life. It 's also true what we learn from family is not always the strongest skill used in the larger society, which later needs to be modified. We learn our social skills from our family and then get it buffering through schools, friends, and through our love relationships. The process helps us adjust to better integrate with society.
Even though the initial strength of the family was absolutely necessary growing up, it became very difficult to open up to people that were outside of this group who were total strangers to me. After being used to living in a loving family, I had to relearn how to manage life all over again. We all go through this process again and again, always reshaping our primary group and dealing with the challenges it brings every time while we also enjoy its many

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