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  • Stroke Vs Stroke Essay

    CMI Vascular Jeanelle Bastien December 2016 Melinda Bechtel Stroke in Evolution VS Completed Stroke A stroke in evolution is defined as; ischemic neurologic symptoms that actively worsen during a period of observation. A completed stroke is defined as; stable neurologic deficit that had sudden onset and persists longer than 3 weeks. In a stroke in evolution symptoms come and go, which is considered unstable. Whereas a complete stroke, no progression or resolution of the symptoms, which is considered stable. (Davies, 2015. Print.) What is a stroke? A stroke is also known as a cerebrovascular accident, which produces a permanent neurologic deficit. Strokes occur due to problems with the blood supply to the brain. The blood supply is either blocked or a blood vessel within the brain ruptures, causing tissue death in the brain. A stroke is considered a medical emergency, and treatment must be given as quickly as possible. (Davies, 2015. Print.) Are you at risk of a stroke? If you are over 55, African American, family history of strokes or have a genetic condition like sickle cell, then you are more likely to have a stroke. Pregnant women are also at a higher risk for a stroke because of the elevation of estrogen in the body. These are the risk factors that are unchangeable.…

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  • Stroke Case Study Stroke

    Stroke Case Study 1. The man has had an ischaemic stroke, identify the biological changes that would have occurred in his brain during the process. Arnold’s ischaemic stroke would be initiated when a lack of blood supply (ischaemia) is prevented from reaching the brain (NHS, 2016). The lack of oxygen causes the neurons within the brain to start a chain reaction, in the form of an ischaemic cascade. This begins seconds after the onset of ischaemia. The ischaemic cascade is a biological…

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  • Essay On Stroke

    Eight hundred thousand people experience a new or reoccurring stroke every year. A stroke occurs when there is a lack of blood flow to the brain and is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. There are two types of strokes, Ischemic and Hemorrhagic. A stroke has many symptoms that can help one to know if they are having a stroke, about to have one, or have already had one. Along with these symptoms, there are risk factors that cause them. These risk factors are both controllable…

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  • Hemorrhagic Stroke Essay

    Overview Stroke and hemorrhagic stroke A stroke is a brain attack. It is caused when blood flow to an area of brain is cut off. Brain cells are deprived of oxygen and begin to die. After that, abilities for the brain cells in that area to memory and muscle control are lost. There are two main kinds of strokes: ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. Ischemic stroke is the main kind of strokes and it takes up to 80% of all strokes. It is caused by a blockage of blood flow of part of the brain…

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  • Stroke Belt

    The Stroke Belt: Health Promotion for African Americans At some point in every individual’s life, he or she will need healthcare whether it is at the time of birth or the time of death, but somewhere between life and death changes has to be made to improve the health and quality of life. These changes come about through health promotion. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the health prevention strategy and its mission and goals; its clinical significant and effects on the client,…

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  • Essay On Ischemic Stroke

    (CVA), also referred to as a “stroke” is a life-threatening medical condition that occurs when there is diminished blood flow being delivered to the brain. The two major types of strokes are ischemic and hemorrhagic. An ischemic stroke occurs when there is an obstruction in the brain caused by a blood clot and a hemorrhagic stroke results in sudden bleeding in the brain when a blood vessel ruptures. National Institute of Neurological Disorders [NIND] (2011) reports that nearly 80 percent of…

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  • Ischaemic Stroke Case Study

    ANAT1012- Stroke assignment Katie Hsiao 43565560 Ischaemic stroke Definition: The most common subtype of stroke; Ischaemic stroke is triggered by a sudden blood circulation loss to areas of the brain, which corresponds to a loss of neurologic function. This occurs when an artery to the brain is blocked. The two main causes of Ischaemic stroke are thrombosis – when the blood clot is formed within the brain, and embolism – when the clot is formed elsewhere. (The internet stroke center)…

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  • Stroke Case Studies

    Stroke is the most preventable neurological disease, and this is mainly because, many of its risk factors such as high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, and smoking can be prevented either through healthier lifestyle choices or by medication. “In the management of stroke, speedy access to medical service is crucial, as delays result in poor outcome” (Donkor, Owolabi, Bampoh, Aspelund, & Gudnason, 2014). Stroke occurs when there is an interruption in the blood supply to the brain, caused by…

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  • Stroke Risk Factors

    that increase a person’s risk of having a stroke. It is an observational study of stroke risk factors in adults 45 years and older. There are 30,239 participants that were recruited between 2003 and 2007. The researchers used traditional risk factors to assess the level of risk among black and white participants. Risk factors include: age, race, gender, geographic region, hypertension, diabetes, low HDL cholesterol, smoking, elevated systolic blood pressure, and warfarin use. The participants in…

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  • Stroke Patient History

    Personal and Medical History of a Stroke Patient This week part of my clinical experience involved taking care of a patient 51 year old female named L.B. who has a history of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and who had a stroke last December. She was hosting a christmas party at home when she had a stroke. She was drinking and socializing with her family. At first her son-in-law thought she just had too much to drink because she wasn’t “making sense” so he helped back to her bed to “sleep…

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