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  • Symbolism In The Swimmer By John Cheever

    “The Swimmer” by John Cheever is a contemporary short story that shows the reader the predicament of a man that loses his friends, his family, his respect, and his possessions while being obsessed with his hobbies and social persona. Colour is a dominant metaphor featured in the short story. The first metaphor for colour is the colour of the water in the pools or the colour of the “Lucinda River” are symbols for the protagonist’s age and reality catching up with him, and the second metaphor featured in the short story is the changing seasons and weather are seen as symbols for time passing faster and the protagonist’s imminent plight. Both of these metaphors and symbols show how you can have everything in the world and lose it all so quickly.…

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  • Power In John Cheever's The Enormous Radio

    "[Irene Westcott] was struck at once with the physical ugliness of the large gumwood cabinet"(Cheever 251). While its size is immediately referred to upon the very first description of the radio, the emphasized quality of the radio is not its size, but its aesthetic dissonance. "Irene was proud of her living room...[but] the new radio stood among her intimate possessions like an aggressive intruder"(Cheever 251). The constant remarks in regard to the radio's physical appeal serve as more than…

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  • Compare And Contrast O Youth And Beauty By John Cheever

    translates into a perpetual cycle where society has developed unrealistic standards that are consistently prompted to be upheld in the middle class. John Cheever, in “The Enormous Radio”, “The Country Husband”, and “O’ Youth and Beauty”, portrays couples that struggle with fitting into these standards and attempting to be successful as they begin in a seemingly tranquil setting, then quickly transition into chaos and complexity. Couples in these stories show that in marriage when one is exposed…

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  • Social Class In John Cheever's The Enormous Radio

    In the short story “The Enormous Radio,” John Cheever describes for us what happens when people get addicted to anything, similar to what we saw in Fitzgerald’s Babylon Revisited. He shows how by obtaining a certain item, people get haunted with its function and can’t control themselves until it starts to affect their own lives. In this story, the abruption of the smooth sailing life of the Westcott family was the enormous radio that Jim bought for his wife Irene. People that are high up…

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  • The Swimmer John Cheever Essay

    John Cheever utilizes different components of structure as a part of "The Swimmer" (1964) to make its significance. Through this short story, Cheever infers that maturing is unavoidable and one regularly denies its coming and entry. Utilizing Neddy's excursion through his neighbors' pools, he demonstrates that when one encounters life-adjusting occasions, it is hard to acknowledge the subsequent changes. Cheever proposes that a man frequently smothers genuine occasions from the brain and rather,…

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  • Misanthropy And Egocentrism In The Five Forty Eight

    In the captivating short story of The Five Forty Eight by John Cheever, a businessman named Blake leaves from work and notices that he is being followed. His former secretary, Miss Dent, manages to stalk him from the city to his train, despite his efforts of dodging her. The woman seeks revenge for his callous behavior that has damaged her emotionally and mentally. Throughout the story, readers are exposed to what is beneath Blake’s facade of superiority. Through the story’s setting, disposition…

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  • The Enormous Radio Analysis

    order to achieve this, we sometimes lose the very essence of what we were trying to achieve. John Cheever’s famous work, “The Enormous Radio” demonstrates just that. In this essay I will be focusing on the inauthenticity of society as illustrated in “The Enormous Radio”. I will argue that that the inauthenticity in society illustrated in the story is caused by the fear of what others thinks and the need to keep up appearances. To begin I will look at how the text identifies and understands…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Swimmer And Good Country People

    Jhordyne Donaldson Band:H Mask Identity: Regaining Identity in Cheevers’ “ The Swimmer” and O’Connors’ “Good Country People” Thesis: Both John Cheever’s “The Swimmer” and Flannery O’Connor’s “Good Country People” use the motif of regaining of identity through the characters’ inner thoughts and actions to capture the idea of finding comfort as a shield from the outside views entailing one’s perspective and opinions from people in society. Neddy tries to swim to his fantasy world in…

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  • Alcoholism In The Swimmer, By John Cheever

    In “The Swimmer,” John Cheever portrays the emotional state of an alcoholic as he devolves further into his addiction. The story follows a man called Ned Merrill who lives in a suburban neighborhood with his wife and kids; in the story, he decides to swim across town using all the pools in the area, and he encounters many of his neighbors during the journey. In this paper, I will argue that Ned’s journey swimming through the pools represents his devolution into alcoholism. This portrayal is…

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  • Literary Analysis Of Reunion And Powder By John Cheever

    Literary Analysis and Comparison and Contrast Essay John Cheever in his short story “Reunion” shows the re-encounter between father and son in New York City after three years. On the other hand, Tobias Wolff in his short story “Powder” illustrates a father and son having a day together after skiing. While both stories “Reunion” and “Powder” reflect a common point of view and a father, son and mother as characters, the stories show a different father and son relationship. In the story “Reunion”,…

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